Multiple Choice (Knowledge 11 marks)

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Brave New World February 21, 2013

Chapters 1-5 Quiz

Multiple Choice (Knowledge - 11 marks)

1. In what country does [Brave New World] take place?

a.) Sweden

b.) United States

c.) Ireland

d.) Britain

2. Who escorts the student technicians through the hatchery?

a.) the President

b.) the Prime Minister

c.) the Supervisor

d.) the Director

3. How many main castes are there?

a.) 3

b.) 4

c.) 5

d.) 6

4. What color outfits do the Delta babies always wear?

a.) orange

b.) black

c.) khaki

d.) green

5. What is the name of the process that splits embryos for development?

a.) Bokanovsky Process

b.) Viviparous Process

c.) Romonavsky Process

d.) Fertilization Process

6. What are the institutions responsible for hatching the human beings of Huxley's world?

a.) European Hatchery and Work Centre

b.) Central London Hatchery and Conditioning Centre

c.) European Centre for Creation and Classification

d.) World Order Hatchery and Class Creation

7. Which caste of humans is considered the lowest?

a.) Alphas

b.) Deltas

c.) Betas

d.) Epsilons

8. Which two items are baby Deltas conditioned to shun?

a.) stuffed animals and country sports

b.) books and daisies

c.) flowers and stuffed animals

d.) books and roses

9. When does hypnopaedia take place?

a.) during conditioning exercises

b.) during play

c.) not at all

d.) during sleep

10. What is the name of the hallucinatory drug administered to each person by the state?

a.) Peyote

b.) Soma

c.) Aspirin

d.) LSD

11. What is Bernard Marx's main shortcoming?

a.) his physique

b.) his mind

c.) his shyness

d.) his status

Short Answer (10 marks)

1. What is the motto of the “new world?” (Knowledge – 1 mark)

2. What is the deal with Ford? Who is he? Why is he picked by the author to begin the future? (T/I – 1 mark, Communication – 2 marks)

3. Describe Helmholtz Watson. Why are he and Bernard alike? (Communication – 2 marks, T/I – 2 marks)

4. Bernard is not completely conditioned. How do we know this? (T/I – 2 marks)

Application – 6 marks

5. Choose 2 of the fictional examples and complete the chart accordingly. Use information that you have read, and that has been discussed in class.

Fictional Example and Explanation

Real (modern) Similarity


Huxley’s Reasons/Statements/Message

Bokanovsky’s Process/Bokanovsky Twins
Process of creating numerous human beings (up to 96) from one egg


Duplicating a single gene or segment of DNA to create an identical cell

Huxley didn’t realize it, but this was a real—possibility and in the 20th Century, we have achieved it. Huxley may have been warning of the loss of individuality and identify for the sake of science.

1. Hypnopaedia
Sleep teaching

2. Soma
Legal drug with no effects or social stigma

3. Social Conditioning
Teaching people to appreciate and fully accept their position in life

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