Multiple Choice – Please bubble in the circle to the left of the answer you wish to select. Shade the bubble in completely.

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US History – Period 2 Name: __________________________
Ms. Vetter

World War II Test

Directions: There will be four types of questions on this test. There is a rubric attached that will tell you what I expect for the answer for the essay and timeline question. Answer all questions to the best of your ability.

Multiple Choice – Please bubble in the circle to the left of the answer you wish to select. Shade the bubble in completely. (6 points total)

1) Whose decision was it to drop on atomic bomb on Japan? (1 point)

  • Truman

  • Chamberlain

  • Hitler

  • Mussolini

2) Who won WWII? (1 point)

  • Japan

  • Germany

  • Central Powers

  • Allied Powers

3) What was the date of the end of WWII? (1 point)

  • September 1, 1945

  • September 2, 1945

  • August 25, 1944

  • August 17, 1944

4) Which invasion by Germany broke the Munich Agreement? (1 point)

  • Czechoslovakia

  • Poland

  • Sudetenland

  • Austria

5) Which event is generally considered to be the first act of World War II? (1 point)

  • Germany attacking Russia

  • Japans attack on the US

  • Germany’s attack on Poland

  • Germany occupying Austria

6) Which two countries were the first to declare war on Germany? (1 point)

  • Italy and Japan

  • Italy and Greece

  • Britain and France

  • USSR and United State

Short Answer – Answer the following questions to the best of your ability. You do not have to answer in essay form, you may answer with bullets. Some you can answer with two words and other you may need a few sentences. (19 points)

7) What are two types of propaganda used during World War II? Define these types. (4 points)

8) What were two of the main terms of the Treaty of Versailles that made it fail? Explain these terms. (4 points)

9) Why was Hitler so suspicious? (2 points)

10) What was considered the first battle of WWII? (1 point)

11) Name and describe two reasons the League of Nations failed. (2 points)

12) What event was the last straw before the American’s become involved in WWII? (1 point)

13) What day is known as the ‘day that will live in infamy’? Make sure to provide actual date. (2 points)

14) What two cities were hit with the Atomic Bomb to end the war? (2 points)

15) What was the name of the plane that dropped the Atomic Bomb? (1 point)

Matching – Match the definitions on the right with their coinciding person on the right. Use CLEAR, CAPTIAL letters. (9 points)

16) ____ Adolf Hitler A. Prime Minister of Great Britain when the war began

17) ____ Benito Mussolini B. President of the United States after the US got involved

18) ____Harry Truman C. Admiral responsible for Japans attack on Pearl Harbor

19) ____ Theodore Roosevelt D. Prime Minister of Great Britain at the end of the war

20) ____ Yamamoto E. Famous for being a symbol of women during war

21) ____ Rosie the Riveter F. Leader in Italy during WWII, partnered with Hitler

22) ____ Neville Chamberlain G. President of the United States during attack on Pearl Harbor

23) ____ Winston Churchill H. Cruel leader of the USSR during WWII

24) ____ Joseph Stalin I. Made famous because of WWII, caused the war and Holocaust

Essay – Answer every part of the question to the best of your ability. Make sure to be descriptive in your answers and give examples when asked. See attached Rubric for further grading guidelines. (28 points)

25) Name and describe the four main causes of WWII? Make sure to be specific in your answer. (8 points)

26) What was the impact of propaganda during the war? Do you think one type of propaganda was more powerful than another? Give examples of the propaganda used during the war. (6 points)

28) What was the Munich Agreement and what did it state? Who was involved in the Munich Agreement? Was the agreement upheld? (8 points)

29) Describe the events of Pearl Harbor? Why was the United States so unprepared by the attack? (6 points)

Directions for Timeline: Use the word bank to fill in the missing parts of the timeline. You will use all word bank items. (9 points)

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