Multiculturalism Wednesdays, 12: 15 2: 00

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Wednesdays, 12:15 – 2:00

Study Leader: Michael Rectenwald

Phone: 412-268-5922



6/30: Introduction, Definitions: Culture, Multiculturalism, Essentialism, etc.
7/7: Mosaic Theory: Charles Taylor: Multiculturalism and ‘The Politics of Recognition”
7/14: Melting Pot Theory: Arthur Schlesinger: “E Pluribus Unum?”
7/21: African and Jewish Diaspora: David Biale, Michael Galchinsky, and Susannah Heschel, Insider/Outsider: American Jews and Multiculturalism
Henry Louis Gates, Jr., “Goodbye, Columbus? Notes on the Culture of Criticism”
Michael Eric Dyson, “Essentialism and the Complexities of Racial Identity”
7/28: The outnumbered individual and race: Gayle Pemberton, “Do He Have Your Number, Mr. Jeffrey?”
More readings TBA
8/4 Marxist and other Egalitarian critiques of Multiculturalism:

Alex Callinicos, “Race and Class”

Brian Berry, Culture and equality: an egalitarian critique of multiculturalism


Excerpt from Keywords, by Raymond Williams


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