Multicultural Lesson

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Evaluation Part A:

  • The students will be asked to identify 1difference and 2 similarities between the different Cinderella tales from around the word in an open discussion/dialog format.

  • The students will draw and color a Cinderella of their choice making sure they draw the characters shoes and, identify her by name, and note her shoes color a Cinderella character of their choice.

Evaluation Part B:

  • Did the students fill out the Venn diagram correctly?

Not the way I had anticipated but all the students were able to verbally complete it to my satisfaction.

  • Did the meet the objective?


  • What were the student’s weaknesses?

The term stepdaughter and stepmother were lost in the Venn diagraph. They needed me to go step by step, they were unable to work independently. I believe my terms were way above their ability level.

  • What could have been added to raise the student’s grades?

I went over the use of a Venn diagram, but I should have slowly walked through this Venn diagram exercise.

  • What accommodations could have been added?

I had enough accommodations; they could either write the word in the common area or circle/line through the common items from each list to complete the Venn diagraph.

  • How would you change the lesson if you could teach it again? I would have had them draw their Cinderella picture first, then go thorough the Venn diagraph and ask them to list general commonalities not specific common items. They enjoyed the stories, but the exercise was difficult.

This was completed directly after the lesson. I typed this instead of handwriting it to aid my spelling and clarity.

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