Multi-genre Thematic Unit Curriculum Map Grade 10

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Multi-genre Thematic Unit Curriculum Map Grade 10

Theme, Enduring Understandings & Essential Questions for This Unit

How Students will Demonstrate Their Understanding

Standards-based Essential Skills & Concepts to be Targeted Throughout the Unit

Strategies or Best Practices Used to Explicitly Teach Skills & Concepts

Instructional Resources for this
Multi-Genre Unit


Utopia / Dystopia

Enduring Understandings:

1. Nature of Human Dignity (116-117, 137, 222)

2. Loss of Human Dignity (186- 211)

3. The Dynamics of Power (159, 217, 219, 220)

4. Loss of Privacy through Technology (6-7, 169)

5. Thought Police / Orthodoxy (173, 43-49)

6. Newspeak (doublethink, doublespeak, crimestop, blackwhite, thoughtcrime) (32, 175-177, 43-49, all of chapter 5)
Chapter 5:

1. Orwell’s use of animal imagery

2. Newspeak: goal, method and new


3. Description of Syme and


4. Orthodoxy: definition and


5. Parsons: description, occupation,

Essential Questions:

1. What constitutes human dignity?

2. How is man torn between the

desire to conform and the desire

to be an individual?

3. To what extent does technology

improve peoples’ lives and to

what extent does it damage

peoples’ lives.

4. Does absolute power corrupt


5. Is it possible to do great good

with power and not misuse it,

becoming evil?

 Summative Assessment 

Research Paper:

Choose one aspect of Orwell’s futuristic society and document how Orwell’s vision in 1984 is evident in contemporary America.

Paper to include a section of personal reflection / evaluation:

- take a position on the given information

- how does this situation concern the


-what can you / will you do about it?

- how should society resist Big Brother?


Activate Prior Knowledge
Formulate questions in response to the text
Condense and summarize ideas from one or more texts
Evaluation: questioning the writer’s assumptions, beliefs, intentions and biases
Reading Outcomes for Literary Text 9-12

1984 Anticipation Guide – pre-reading activity
“3-2-1” 3 questions, 2 predictions, 1 ‘5 Star’ quotation after reading chapter 1 (and periodically throughout reading)
Key Concept Synthesis Graphic Organizer

Fact vs. Opinion Organizer

Anchor Text(s):
George Orwell’s 1984

Kurt Vonnegut’s Player Piano (alternative novel)

The Bible, “Genesis” (the temptation to be individuals, make choices, have freedom)

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