Multi-Genre Research Project Historical/Cultural Perspectives from 1984 or Lord of the Flies

I. My Multi-Genre Research Paper Topic

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I. My Multi-Genre Research Paper Topic

My topic for the multi-genre research paper is motivation in reading. I want to explore why students so often do not read the materials teacher assign for them to read, what factors influence students who do read verses students who don’t read, and what a teacher can do to motivate students to read.

II. What I Already Know

I do not know very much about this topic, but I do have some knowledge from personal experience. I know that I am unmotivated to read when I feel I have no purpose for reading, when I do not think that I will gain anything from the text, when I will not be held accountable for the material, when I am bored or uninterested in the topic of the text, and when I am overtired or extremely busy. I imagine most of these, as well as many other factors, influence all readers at some point. I also know some of the factors that influence students who do the assigned reading, because I am one such student. Some of these factors are self-motivation and discipline, a desire not to disappoint teachers, a high level of interest in the topic of the text, and a positive attitude towards reading.

Besides what I know from personal experience, I have gained some knowledge of the topic of motivation in reading through my education at Miami University and through research I have done previously. I know that some of the key elements of motivating students under any circumstances are getting students attention, giving them a purpose for completing the assigned task, and making the topic relevant and applicable to the students’ lives. I also know of a few strategies that teachers can use to try to motivate students. These include reading portions of a high-interest text aloud, providing reading incentives, setting goals, and letting students select reading materials that they are excited about.

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