Multi-Genre Research Project Historical/Cultural Perspectives from 1984 or Lord of the Flies

How will the final product look—and what procedures should I follow?

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How will the final product look—and what procedures should I follow?

  1. Sign-up for a topic from the boxes above--or come up with an alternative that is inspired by the choices.

  2. Use your research time efficiently. We will be in the computer lab for two full blocks. You will be required to write up your research proposal (see handout) and show me 10 completed note-cards based on your research by the end of the second block. Be sure to keep track of your sources for your MLA style Works Cited page. (Even though some of this, including the resources may change in the final weeks, a proposal lays the foundation for your project.)

  3. Once you have completed the research, use the information to create a Multi-Genre booklet about your topic.

  4. Booklets (projects) must include:

  1. Front and Back Cover: include a visual representation of the content that reflects the unique aspects of the time period from which your novel was based.

  2. Title Page: Identify your topic, name, and date.

  3. An Introduction/Preface/Dear Reader page. An introduction that will greet the readers, introduce the subject, and provide any other information you think the readers should know.

  4. Table of Contents: list all pieces included in the booklet in the order they appear.

  5. Five multi-genre pieces: See genre handout for more details. The five (or more) genres can be presented in any format you choose, but must come from five different categories, representing varying types of writing. At least ONE of your pieces must be an expository one from Group 6: Structured , and should reveal your thesis. All genre assignments are to be done as neatly and thoroughly as possible. All written components should be typed. Creativity is encouraged and you may mix written and visual pieces, but make sure it is well-organized. If you choose to do more than five, you can repeat categories, pick from the last category, or use a genre not listed.***

  6. Unifying Element (s)- or “repetend”: repeated images, genres answered, fragmented narrative, a detail just mentioned in one piece but exploded and illustrated in a later piece)

  7. Epilogue /End Note Page (more on this in class): This is a short summary to identify each piece that you wrote and what inspired it, and/or what you were trying to convey.

  8. MLA style Works Cited page: You must use at least two print sources and two electronic sources. Only one encyclopedia entry is allowed. Use only MLA format for your Works Cited page.

  1. Please note: this project requires original thought and creativity. Any work that is found to not be your own will result in you staying after school to redo the project.

***You can present each of your genre pieces separately or interweave them into a larger framework, however they should be connected by unifying themes, repeated motifs, genres that speak to each other, or topics that are mentioned in some genres and expanded in others. Do not simply cut and paste five genres and call it a paper. Use your own professional discretion as to the margins and font you wish to use for each genre. You are free to merge the non-fictional research you do with fictional context, a la the film Titanic.

You must create at least FIVE different genres (one of which MUST be from Category 6). Remember that each creation will ultimately tie into the others to make one unified product that thoroughly represents your topic inspired by your reading.

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