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V. Some Questions I Have About Motivation in Reading

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V. Some Questions I Have About Motivation in Reading

  1. Where does motivation come from?

  2. Can all students be motivated to read, and enjoy reading?

  3. What factors or student characteristics influence motivation?

  4. What are some motivational strategies for getting students to read?

  5. Are there wrong ways to motivate students to read and what are they?

  6. How is reading comprehension ability related to motivation?

  7. How can a teacher turn a student into a life-long reader?

  8. How can a teacher get students to take responsibility for motivating themselves?

  9. How can motivational factors be incorporated into everyday lessons in the classroom?

  10. How can a teacher get unmotivated students to think of reading as fun?

  11. What are characteristics of teachers who are successful at motivating their students to read?

  12. How do students get away with not reading assigned texts and still get average to good grades?

  13. How can teachers prevent students from getting away with not reading?

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