Multi-criteria performance analysis for decision making in project management

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Multi-criteria performance analysis for decision making in project management

Author:Guillaume Marquesa,*, Didier Gourca, Matthieu Laurasb,

aUniversité de Toulouse

bToulouse Business School/Department of Industrial Organisation, Logistics and Technology

Background / Johdanto

Keyword: MACBETH

It is hard for project managers to analyze the performance measures because each manager has his own performance interests. To control and manage project performance, maybe using the Iron Triangle is not working. Because the paper tried to issue us a new multi-dimensional Project Performance Measurement System to help manager to make decisions, we learn an aggregation tool short named MACBETH.

Results / Tulokset

Here you should explain the research methods used experimental research, case studies, questionnaires, and results of the research. However MACBETH helps manager to handle mega project though project is very complex.
The paper tried to explain a new tool for Multi-criteria performance analysis for decision making in project management, it was divided into five parts.

1. Introduction about MACBETH

There is a complex undertaking for manager to make decision in a project context. Before making decisions, we need to evaluate the quality and complexity about the project. Briefly, complexity will emerge in different types and forms, and they will come from different sources in all walks of intensity because of the industrial sector or object of the project. In a project context, decision making is including these three elements. First, senior management. Secondly, the quantity of information stemming from the project execution. Third, the project manager’s own management policy and the value he attributes to information and object.

2. Scope and research methodology for complex project

How to consider the project if it is complex. Before using MACBETH method, we need to define what is complex project. The notion of complexity is related to the size of project, the number of departments involved, the number and type of stakeholders, the location or the form of contract. Furthermore, it is intended for ´mature´ project organizations since it requires the organization to be capable of carrying out performance measures and of ensuring circulation of this information within the management process.(p.1058) After that, project managers have to make decisions. The quality of decisions they made relies on the capacity of the project manager to express abilities. The decision maker should evaluate both the current situation and all kinds of possible evolution of the project.

3. Problems statements and background on project performance

Defining a performance measurement which suits each decision is very tough. The multi-dimensional face of performance measurement is an effective and efficient project. The paper mentioned Problem Statement(PS). PS1: What are the different performance measurements that allow a complete analysis of the performance of the project? PS2: What are the dimensions of project performance needed to obtain a complete overview of the project situation? PS3: How can project performance measures be aggregated and published to meet different stakeholder’s needs?(page 1059). For PS1, there is project performance measurement. We need to build a system that can be described a serial of metrics, or criteria about efficiency and effectiveness. For PS2, we should know project performance dimensions. It is vital for project manager to establish a set of criteria. For PS3, it is project performance measures aggregation. It will make systems have right to calculate the performance and multiple criteria.

4. Towards a multi-criteria project performance measurement system

First, we should have a system overview. The project performance measurement included the tasks followed; the videw used to analyze their performance; the type of performance measurement. The model has three dimensions. Then we consider the model as a cube has principle of organization and access to measures, and commensurability meaning fullness. Third, we use KPI to analyze the cube to evaluate the tasks. Forth, using KPI, it helps us to attribute a weight to each criterion, when it comes to MACBETH.

5. Case study: a project for the manufacture of landing gear doors

This chapter showed us a case study called a project for the manufacture of landing gear doors. It collected project about the need, choice of tasks followed, Metrics design, KPI weighting and performance analysis. MACBETH helps us to underline the weight of decision maker and his opinions and methods.

Conclusions / Johtopäätökset tai yhteenveto

There is many ways for project management, the more complex project, the more difficult for project manager to make a proper decision, especially for multi-criteria performance analysis for decision making. Because the project decision makers must to put plenty of variables and elements of activities involved the project. From this paper, we learned how to use MACBETH method to make the assumption and analysis of complex project. Through the case of study, we experience how the model they used and MACBETH help decision maker to collect a mass of information and analyze them. Also it told us it would be easier for project manager to see the scope and structure of the project.

Furthermore, we need to remember these four things: the robustness of using MACBETH; the impact of performance indicator interdependencies on the proposition; links between research into project classification and choices for relative KPI weighting; the possibility of cross-aggregated analysis oriented in pairs could be studied. And, we need performance control.

To sum up, if we were decision makers, when it comes to a complex and huge project, analyze it first confidently and try to use this model and MACBETH method to catch the main points of the project. In this way, we can divide a big project into pieces also we won’t lose their relations for each other. We do it step by step, the project performance will be better, the project management will be simpler, and the project is easier to plan, control and handle.
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