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Cloudcuckooland - The Onassis Programme

This is a children’s musical based on Aristophanes’ The Birds.  In their attempts to force humans to take better care of the planet, the birds – with the help of a renegade human – use their ultimate weapon to force an encounter with Gordon Brown.  It’s absurd and playful and good-natured and it kept even the most restless children in the small audience fascinated.

While the songs aren’t terribly memorable, some of the stagings of them certainly are – particularly the flying bird’s song, which manages to make a little magic out of a unicycle, some fairy lights and little illuminated globe.

This production is engaging and played with great style by the young company of 7 actor-musicians, who play an impressive range of instruments.  The narrative drive wobbles slightly about ¾ of the way through but at this point the overall physical exuberance and creativity of the company carry the project afloat with great energy and imagination.

A real treat on a rainy afternoon and the parents were as delighted as their children.

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