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The Butler Did It?! - Handsome Chin Entertainment

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The Butler Did It?! - Handsome Chin Entertainment

Everything about this show - the set (a middle-England drawing room), the costumes, the script, the characters, the performances (the young Bertie Wooster-type has a speech impediment, the obviously transvestite French girlfriend turns out to be a guy etc.), the music (which is competent enough) - screams 1950s.

To go further, the show perhaps needs to update itself for an audience who wants to see it.

Cannibal! The Musical - The Rival Theatre Company

The UK premiere of Cannibal! The Musical tells the real life story of convicted cannibal, Alfred Packer. The play is taken from the cult 1996 film, written by Southpark co-creator Trey Parker, and follows the highs and lows of a group of six hapless cowboys who set out across the Colorado territories in search of gold. Packer is the only man to make it back to civilization alive, but he is quickly caught and arrested, being sentenced to death for cannibalism.

The production has some strong qualities, and Trey Parker’s script contains the same sparky wit that made Southpark a cult hit, but the Rival Theatre Company’s production seems a little swamped by its surroundings in the George Square lecture theatre, and the comedy is unpredictable. However the cast are superbly matched to their roles and turn out some sterling performances.

When the humour hits the mark it is hilarious, and it is refreshing to see a new stage musical with the ability to appeal to a wide audience, but the plot’s reliance on the tongue in cheek makes it a little predictable, and Parker’s humour may prove to be better suited to the screen than the stage.

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