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Zanna, Don’t - RSAMD

RSAMD (Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama) has mounted a jewel of a musical at George Square 1, with the European premiere of off-Broadway hit Zanna Don’t with book, music & lyrics by Tim Acito and Alexander Dinelaris.

Expertly co-directed by Andrew Panton and Sally Rapier, the pace of this exuberant musical never flags, and the action never falters. When the full company dance numbers flood the stage, you could be on Broadway or in the West End.

Concise direction keeps an improbable plot (based around other people’s attitudes of who we love) from falling into the trap of becoming maudlin or indulgent. The standard of singing, dancing and acting from the post graduates performers of RSAMD has a professional excellence which sets an exacting standard for competing musicals at the Edinburgh Festival.

The expertise of lighting (James Gardner), and costume and set design (Martin Mallorie & Jenny Gamble) give this show an optimum look for this spacious stage. Credit also to a fine band of musicians under David Higham.

This is a musical for lovers of musicals, as well as those who want a good night out. Book your ticket soon - there are only 12 performances.

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