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Big Bruvva the Musical - Racky Plews

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Big Bruvva the Musical - Racky Plews

By the time I'd realised how clever this score is, I'd given up caring about the caricatures (definitely not characters) in the Big Bruvva gaff.

There's a good idea here - or maybe it was a good idea a couple of years ago - but it's unrealised. It should make up its mind whether it's about "reality" TV, or a joke about musicals and their ingerent absurdity. The way it stands, it's a bit woolly. Satire, if that's what we're trying here, needs to bite. This show gives you a nasty suck.

However, the performances can't be faulted - they give it serious welly - and the score, as I say, is really clever (although, if I had a six-part contrapuntal card up my sleeve, I'd have hinted at it earlier). The problem is in the words - although "chutzpah" and "foot-spa" earn a couple of brownie points.

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