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Alice in Wonderland - About Turn

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Alice in Wonderland - About Turn

A white rabbit jumps out of a wooden box. He's late, it's late! And from then on, this charming show doesn't take a breath. If you're going to do children's theatre, Lewis Carroll is the go-to guy.

Helen Coles is a lovely Alice, just perfect, and Will Jones and Daisy Fellows knock their socks off being everyone else to great effect.

The big kid in me loved it, and so did the wee ones.

Apocalypse the Musical - Feed The Ducks Productions

I had to strain my eyes to see the details of this production through the dim lighting, and listen intently through muffled diction for some of the dialogue. What was readily apparent, however, was that most of the chortling audience around me were enjoying this musical, even if I was not.

There were dancing cows with protruding pink udders stitched directly on the costume groin, a demented Satan with an uncanny resemblance to the James Bond villain Oddjob, and a bespectacled balding God in a long cream frock with gold sash, who might have been my assistant bank manager at a fancy dress bash. And yes, about half an hour into the show, a group of singing nuns appeared. There were some pleasant voices, including the milkman & the whore, but the transitions from dialogue to song were awkward, as was the dancing and staging which gave the show a clumpy feel.

The house was three quarters full, and the audience genuinely enjoy this show. Plus, it has returned to the fringe after a successful 2005 run.  Perhaps this show will tighten up (and light up) during the run, in which case it would work better, and could even come back again to Edinburgh in 3 years time?

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