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Aging is Amazing - Lynn Ruth Miller

74 year old Lynn Ruth Miller has come over from the States with wigs, feather boas and burlesque costumes to entertain the late night festival goers, and for me, she completely captures the spirit of the fringe.

Ohio born Ms Miller treats the crowded audience and unsuspecting boozers to a fun 50 minutes of anecdotes, song and comedy. With the modesty of youth gone, she grapples life’s dilemmas head on, and with a song. Based on her own colourful experiences, her audience are taught self help cures for impotence, incontinence, and how to enjoy old age. The show is regularly interspersed with classic songs; such as “Take Back your Mink” and “Music!, Music!, Music!" delivered with a gravely pleasant voice.

Although the flow of the show is a little shaky, it is free apart from a voluntary contribution on the way out. Some of the enthusiasm of this odd and eccentric performer stayed with me, for as I left the venue, and stepped into the late night darkness and rain of Edinburgh, I felt a small stir of exhilaration for how good life can be -  at any age - thanks Lynn Ruth Miller.

Editors Note: We found that this show was not eligible for any of our awards in 2008.

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