Mta-ppke research Group on Baroque Literature and Spirituality

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MTA-PPKE Research Group on Baroque Literature and Spirituality
The aim of the research group is to record data concerning spiritual literature in the Carpathian Basin before 1800. Members of the group compose bibliographies of prayers, church songs, sermons and of their technical literature. They fill the data of literary sources into public databases and publish the texts worthy of it. The representation activity of the archbishops of Esztergom and their environment (orations, greeting poems, plays, gifts etc.) is also part of the research.

The research group entered into cooperation contract with the Department for Book and Cultural History of National Széchényi Library (Budapest), the Association of the Ecclesiastical Libraries, the Res Litteraria Transylvaniae Vetus Research Group for Literary and Cultural History (Kolozsvár/Cluj), the Research Group for Reformation and Cultural History in the Early Modern Age (Debrecen) and the MTA-SZTE Research Group of Religious Culture (Szeged). It organizes conferences on spiritual literature. It also offers lectures for professional and non-professional audience at the last Thursday of each month with the participation of renowned researchers.

Three members of the research group participate in the graduate training and/or are supervisors at the doctoral school of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of Pázmány Péter Catholic University. The members of the research group take an active part in other academic or church programs concerning Baroque literature and spirituality, participate in conferences, hold lectures at other universities and scientific institutions.
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