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Student Grouping

Students will work individually, with attention focused on the teacher and desks facing straight for most of the class period for maximum attention. Students will work in groups of 4 when discussing biographies of prisoners to encourage collaboration and teamwork.


Reading quiz: a short 2-3 question quiz meant to assess whether or not the student read the selected reading and give credit for it.

Class reading discussion: a review of quiz, followed by thought-provoking questions about the reading, designed to give students a working base knowledge of how Gulag camps worked.

Podcast listening activity: listen to short podcast from ITunesU entitled “Gulag Memory,” available for free.

Handout completion: completion of a describing wheel, where students describe emotions, states of being, experiences and general descriptive words relating to the group reading assignment.

Class brainstorming activity: using the describing wheel, students will assist the teacher in completion of a word cloud.

Group discussion: in small groups of 4 students will read a brief description of a prisoner’s experience selected by the teacher from and fill out a describing wheel handout with aid from group members.

Reflection essay: students will write a reflection essay to summarize their learning of Gulag camps and allow the teacher to assess degree of information retaining.

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