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6 April 2013

Government Cover-up at Roswell: Where are the Bodies?

About sixty years ago in July 1947 a public information officer for Roswell Army Air Field by the name of William Haut issued a press release stating that Army personnel recovered a “flying disc” in a farm near Roswell. This initial report immediately caught the attention of the national media; however shortly after the first story was released the media followed up with a statement from Commanding General of the 8th Air Force Roger Ramey in which he claimed the recovered disc was simply a crashed weather balloon. As more information is revealed it is clear that the Roswell Incident was not any of the various things the government claimed it to be, but rather an elaborate multilayered cover-up orchestrated by the US Government to hide the discovery of alien bodies along with debris from a crashed spacecraft. A mere science experiment is what the government expected people to believe this situation was. A press conference was held to showcase pieces of debris said to be from the crashed flying object, which at the time seemed to be sufficient proof of the Army’s weather balloon story. This masquerade the military initiated was the first of several large-scale military cover-ups as well as a history of dishonesty that was displayed over the past few decades by the Army and other branches of the Defense Department.

Several eyewitness accounts were seemingly ignored by the government due to revealing nature of the comments regarding the wreckage, like this one “ The alien craft

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had carried its crew to its death. Near the crashed saucer, he said, the bodies of three or four small, slightly built beings with large heads and eyes were discovered, sprawled on the harsh desert soil” (Pflock 28). This statement was taken from an eyewitness, a farmer named Mack Brazel who saw first hand what he describes as bodies nearby the wreckage at a farm outside Roswell. The US Army attempted to negate accounts like this one when they issued a statement claiming that the bodies in question were actually anthropomorphic test dummies that were carried aloft by US Air Force high-altitude balloons for scientific research. (Leiby 9) This was the first time that the government used the test dummies as an explanation for the bodies recovered at the scene in order to conceal the real bodies recovered

One of the Air Force’s lies was regarding the claim that there were bodies among the wreckage of the flying disc, they assigned an Air Force Captain to do a follow up report that rendered questionable results. The author of the initial report Capt. James McAndrew further investigated the Roswell incident in an attempt to answer the question of whether or not alien bodies is what people saw among the wreckage. McAndrew turned up archival film footage and photos of dummy drops that were widely used in the early '50s in New Mexico to test parachutes and ejection equipment. “In the new report, he concludes that people who told of seeing aliens -- most accounts are secondhand -- were confused or the victim of hazy memories.”(Leiby 11) At the time this explanation seemed accurate and a sufficient answer to the tantalizing question of what was on board of the crashed flying disc. The statement given by Captain McAndrew was not enough to satisfy Stanton Freeman, a nuclear physicist and self-proclaimed original investigator of the Roswell incident. Freeman has written several scholarly papers and two books on the Roswell Incident and other UFO related mysteries. According to Freeman “ None of that

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work [with test dummies] was done before the 1950’s” (Leiby 14). Freeman’s claim is valid as mentioned earlier when noting McAndrew’s follow up statement the dummies in question became commonly used beginning in the 50’s. The Roswell incident took place in 1947; this discrepancy with the time frame of the use of test dummies is an indication of the militaries cooperation in the government conspiracy that took place.

In the early 90’s Rep. Steven Schiff a Republican Representative from New Mexico initiated a Congressional investigation to determine whether or not the government was a part of a cover up story regarding the bodies of aliens removed from the site of a crashed flying disc in Roswell, New Mexico. After several inquiries with UFO enthusiasts, government officials, and eyewitnesses Schiff found that one of most compelling piece of evidence was a claim made by William Haut, the Public Information Officer for RAAF claiming that after he gave his initial report he was later told to change the story to a crashed weather balloon. This lack of clarity on the part of the US government is a main reason that Schiff made the following statement "Generally, I'm a skeptic on UFOs and alien beings, but there are indications from the runaround that I got that whatever it was, it wasn't a balloon. Apparently, it's another government cover-up," Schiff said. He called the Defense Department's lack of response "astounding," and said government accountability was an issue "even larger than UFOs." (Claiborne 22)

The most recent piece of evidence revealed about the Roswell incident comes directly from the Central Intelligence Agency. The evidence is a former Agent’s on record testimony that he saw the file with detailed descriptions of the incident; details

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which are contradictory of everything that the military has officially said regarding Roswell since 1947. Chase Brandon retired from the CIA in 2011 after thirty-five years of duty, the last ten of which spent as a liaison to the entertainment industry and print industry. While Brandon was in his last position he claims to have uncovered the documents on Roswell within a vaulted section of the records room. “ It was not a weather balloon, it was what people first reported” (Eversley 5). Brandon went on to say “It was a craft that clearly did not come from this planet” (Eversley 6). These statements made by Brandon are just the latest in what has become almost a seven-decade conspiracy.

These claims made by the US Government are clear signs of repeated fallacies on their part, they changed the story on the matter several times to hide the fact that there actually were unidentified bodies at the scene of the crash of a craft that was not from this planet. The initial report was changed at the request of the Army commander on site when the incident first happened; then decades later the government continued to avoid any questions that were related to aliens at Roswell during a formal inquiry from a New Mexican State Representative. The most inaccurate statement of all made by government officials was the claim that the bodies in question from the crash in 1947 were test dummies part of an Air Force experiment, test dummies that we now know began to be used years after the events at Roswell took place. As more time passes and more people like Chase Brandon come forward with new information about the nature of the crash perhaps the general public will finally get a straight answer about the mysterious crash in 1947. Only time will tell if the government will reveal the truth behind the Roswell incident some time in the near future.

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