Mrs John Goodhall, Millbrook, Mich.;nd Mr. Isaac Mullen, Colman, Mich

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Martin VanBuren Mullen

was born in Licking county, Ohio in 1835; died at his home in Mishawaka, July 5, 1915 at the age of 78 years, 11 months, and 1 day.

Mr. Mullen came with i his parents to Indiana in 1840. They settled west of Mishawaka, InĀ­diana, and here Mr. Mo Mullen lived for nearly forty years .
He united in marriage in

1850 and to this union three children were born - two are still living;

Mrs Horton Pratt of

Alta , Mich. And Mr. John Mullen, of Elkhart, Indiana.

His first wife died in 1871 and he was united to Delilah Mikel in

1872, who survives him. One daughter was born to this union, Mrs. John Ramer, at whose home he died.

Twelve grand-children and many nephews and nieces mourn his death.

In 1862 Mr. enlisted in the 88th Indiana regiment, serving three years and was honorably discharged. He was a member of the G.A. R. He was a member of the Evangelical church for forty years.

Three sisters, and one brother survive him; Mrs. Wm. Saylor, of Aurora, Nebraska, Mrs. Benjamin Nusbaum, Saranac, Mich.,

Mrs John Goodhall, Millbrook, Mich. ;nd Mr. Isaac Mullen, Colman, Mich.
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