Mr. Pawlowski Mr. Clark World History (Black Day) October 16, 2012

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Mr. Pawlowski

Mr. Clark

World History (Black Day)

October 16, 2012

  • The teachers gave ideas for the historical background information that students could discuss in their introductory paragraphs for the Rome essay:

    • The legacy of the Roman Republic

    • The Roman Republic served as a model, a foundation, an example, and an inspiration for the Founding Fathers of the United States.

    • The Framers of the Constitution (1787) studied Roman history in order to create a republican government for the newly independent United States.

    • The Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution (1791) to protect the rights of citizens.

  • The students took out their material for their Roman essay.

  • Mr. Pawlowski presented some pointers for writing the introductory paragraph:

    • Grab the attention of your reader with a hook that introduces the topic and creates interest for your reader. No rhetorical questions.

    • Provide the necessary historical background information

    • Finish the introduction with your well-written thesis that presents a solid position statement and the key point topics you will discuss in your paper.

  • Mr. Pawlowski and Mr. Clark also told the class:

    • Do not use pronouns of I, we, our, us

    • Write about Rome first because Rome was the inspiration for the creation of the American republican government

  • Mr. Pawlowski and Mr. Clark reviewed the essays with many of the students.

  • Mr. Pawlowski presented some pointers for writing the conclusion paragraph:

    • Reflect back on your thesis and summarize your key point topics in an original way.

    • Present a logical conclusion that connects your thesis to another idea, event, issue, development, or conflict in history . . .but do not overdo it!

      • Why is the Roman Republic still important today?

      • Greco-Roman culture = rule of law

      • The U.S. Constitution stands as a model for other free countries today

      • Americans have struggled for the preservation of freedom, liberty, justice, and equality

  • Mr. Pawlowski told the students that Mrs. Dujmovic has some amazing information and links on her website that she is sharing with our class to help students with the essay. Go to Mr. Pawlowski’s website and click on the link to access Mrs. Dujmovic’s website.

  • The class began the World Religions activity that challenged students to record statistical data on each religion and key information about the religion’s beliefs, rituals, and worship. The class began with the Buddhist religion.

  • To access Mr. Pawlowski’s website: Go to, go to the Social Studies department, look for Mr. Pawlowski’s name, then click on your class and period. All the information for the class will be listed on the website.


  • Keep working on your Republican Government essay! The essay will be due to by Friday at 11:59 p.m. The process of submitting your essay through will be explained on Thursday.

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