Mr. Oberholtzer Name World History & Cultures Unit: The Napoleonic Era Date Pd Video: Napoleon Bonaparte Biography Channel Video Questions

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World History & Cultures

Unit: The Napoleonic Era Date__________Pd_______

Video: Napoleon Bonaparte
Biography Channel Video Questions

  1. What was Napoleon’s father’s occupation?

  1. How was Napoleon’s family able to pay for military school?

  1. Why was Napoleon always thought as an outsider in military school?

  1. What “great” men did Napoleon study while in school?

  1. In 1793 Napoleon’s first taste of glory came when he defeated the __________ fleet.

  1. How did Josephine look at her relationship with Napoleon as?

  1. While leading battle charges himself, what myth grew about Napoleon?

  1. While Napoleon was fighting off in battle what was his wife doing back home?

  1. What happened when Admiral Nelson intercepted Napoleons letter to his brother?

  1. What kept Napoleon from leaving Josephine?

  1. When becoming head Counsel and leader what did Napoleon make his top priority?

  1. What made people both adore and despise Napoleon?

  1. What would be Napoleons down fall?

  1. Napoleons French Empire was the greatest Empire since the ______ Empire?

  1. Why did Napoleon ask Josephine for a divorce?

  1. Who was the only person that could defeat Napoleon?

  1. How were Russians’ able to defeat Napoleons army?

  1. What was Napoleon’s solution if the “worst possible fate be fall him”?

  1. Who replaced Napoleon as leader of France?

  1. How long did it take for Napoleon to decide to return and conquer France?

  1. What did French men do when they saw Napoleon marching to France?

  1. What did the 1st wave of troops, Louis XVIII sent, do when Napoleon addressed them?

  1. How did Napoleon’s enemies’ react to his gesture of peace?

  1. What happened to Josephine while Napoleon was exiled to Elba?

  1. What did Napoleon think the Battle of Waterloo was going to be like?

  1. Where was Napoleon forced to spend the remaining years of his life?

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