Mr. Oberholtzer Name World History & Cultures Date Pd. The Italian Renaissance The Rebirth of Classicism in the West Birth of the Modern World Prelude to the Renaissance

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Origins of the Renaissance

Began in Northern Italian(Italian Renaissance) City-States

Due to:

rise of ________________ & commerce


competition between city-states spurred advancement

great wealth developed

Venice was richest

Florence was known for art

The City-States

Size--200,000: 1,000 are nobles, the rest common

Economy--trade and commerce, _________________, moneylending

Culture--________________________ of the arts; celebration of man!

Location--center of the Mediterranean: good for trade!

European Economic Recovery

Dramatic recovery of European commerce at the end of the _____________________

Economy--trade and commerce, banking, moneylending spurred ________________________ growth and made bankers the new ________________ brokers

The significance of _______________________ and mining as new industries

The fifteenth-century banking empire of the __________________family in Florence finances the Renaissance and provides patronage for arts.

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