Mr. Oberholtzer Name World History & Cultures Date Pd. The Italian Renaissance The Rebirth of Classicism in the West Birth of the Modern World Prelude to the Renaissance

Renaissance Education and Philosophy

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Renaissance Education and Philosophy

Humanistic age; focus is on the human form and achievements

Various types of humanism

Great fervor displayed in finding and collecting old documents; the wisdom of the ancients comes alive in the fervor of Renaissance intellectuals to re-learn the knowledge of the classical civilizations.

Leads to critical examination of documents

--Lorenzo Valla

Education produces moral uplift; knowledge is it’s own reward!

Renaissance Education and Philosophy

A true ___________________education; well rounded curriculum to nurture the intellect

Humanist education for women

Love for the study of history most of all; study of Tacitus, Herodotus, Thucydides and others was popular

A Greek language fad after 1454; intellectuals learned Greek to read the classical texts in the original language.

_____________________________ (1304-1374): the Father of Italian Renaissance humanism; popularized the Greek and Roman classics

Focus on the __________________________ and his dignity

Well-rounded free thinking individual was the goal; liberation of man!

Renaissance Philosophy

Renaissance philosophy flourishes during Greek revival after 1450

Giovanni Pico ________________________ (1463-1494)

--Oration on the Dignity of Man: spells out the reasons why Man is central to the universe and why it is appropriate to celebrate his abilities, achievements and ambitions!

The Renaissance Papacy

The Church suffered the loss of influence over European nation-states; decline of papal authority!

Decline in moral prestige and leadership due to rise of humanism and secularism

Popes as patrons of Renaissance art

--Leo X (1513-1521)

Nepotism used to promote family interests!

The Church was corrupted by ___________________________ and wealth; Popes lived like kings, would provoke the Reformation!

Spread of Humanism to the Rest of Europe

The significance of __________________________ printing press

Explosion of printed materials

--By 1500, 40,000 titles printed and between 8-10 million copies

The impact of movable-type printing presses: research and _________________________

Enlightened Population!

Spread of Humanism to the Rest of Europe

Popular publications in the early days of the printing press

Thomas More


--Executed by Henry VIII in 1535

_____________________—Dutch Christian Humanist

Printing Press spreads ideas over all Europe; transformative change is the result!

Spread of Humanism to the Rest of Europe: The Plays of William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare (1564-1616)

--Globe Theater

Shakespeare returns to classical subjects and genres to explore the human condition

His history plays were the most popular at the time

________________: theme was ambition

________________: theme was individualism

Keen sensitivity to sounds and meanings of words

Involved and elevated the audience.

____________________________ is the most well-known and influential of the Renaissance ____________________.

The Impact of the Renaissance

The Beginning of the __________________ World:

modern problems

scientific/__________________ solutions

_________________________ government

Statecraft and diplomacy

war as business


businessmen are the power brokers

Modern economic and political systems are created! The Modern World has arrived!

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