Mr. Norman lo shung Man

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Mr. Norman LO Shung Man

Mr Lo was born in 1956. He joined the Civil Aviation Department (CAD) as a Student Air Traffic Control Officer in 1977. He was then sponsored to attend the primary aerodrome and approach control course in UK in 1978. On return to Hong Kong, he was trained locally in Hong Kong and became a qualified area, aerodrome and approach radar controller.

Whilst continuing his full time service in CAD as an air traffic controller, Mr  Lo formally joined the then Royal Hong Kong Auxiliary Air Force (AAF), now known as the Government Flying Service, as a volunteer pilot in 1982. He was trained by the AAF as a commander on both aeroplanes and helicopters. His service missions with the AAF included medical evacuation, aerial survey, law enforcement, fire fighting, search and rescue, and other community service flights. He was type rated on BN2, R22, R44, SA365C, S76 and EC155.
In 1988, he joined the Safety Regulation Division of CAD as a Safety/Operations Officer responsible for flight operations and aviation safety related matters. Meanwhile his flying career continued and moved onto large transport jets. Having obtained a Commercial Pilot Licence, Mr Lo was seconded by the department to Dragonair for almost two years flying B737 in the Asian region and was later converted to the Airbus A330 aircraft. He obtained his Airline Transport Pilot’s Licence (Aeroplane) in 1991 and the Airline Transport Pilot’s Licence (Helicopter) in 1993.
Other than flying experience, he has also received specialized training in aviation personnel licensing, airworthiness, flying instructor, search and rescue management, human factors and accident investigation. He has investigated a few major accidents involving helicopters and large transport aircraft in Hong Kong. For management training, he was sponsored by the government to attend senior management courses organized locally and in overseas. Progressing his career in the stream of flight standards, airworthiness and accident investigation, Mr Lo was promoted to the Assistant Director-General (Flight Standards and Airworthiness) and at the same time, took up the Deputy Chief Inspector of Accidents office in 1997.
In the year 2000, Mr Lo was seconded to the Security Bureau of the Hong Kong Government to take up special duties responsible for aviation and airport security policies. This arrangement had further broadened his knowledge in the aviation field.
Upon his return from the Security Bureau, he assumed the office of Assistant Director-General (Air Traffic Management) and was promoted to the office of Deputy Director-General of Civil Aviation in 2002. In 2004, Mr Lo assumed the office of Director-General of Civil Aviation and was appointed as the Chief Inspector of Accidents by the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Government.
In addition to the above, Mr Lo has been serving for many years, as an Executive Board member and the Commandant of the Hong Kong Air Cadet Corps, a member of the Board of Directors of the Airport Authority, Hong Kong and a member of the Board of Directors of Aviation Security Company Limited. He also serves as the Honorary Chairman of the Hong Kong Aviation Industry Association. He is also a member of the Advisory Committee of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and has obtained a Master of Aviation degree (Hons) from Massey University of New Zealand. His wife Barbara is also trained as an air traffic controller.
The summary of Mr Lo’s career development in civil aviation is as follows:

1977-1981 Student Air Traffic Control Officer

1981-1984 Air Traffic Control Officer III

(1982 - 1996) Volunteer Pilot with the Auxiliary Air Force / GFS

1984-1988 Air Traffic Control Officer II

1988 - 1994 Operations Officer

(1991 - 1993) Secondment to Dragonair

1994 - 1996 Senior Operations Officer

1996 - 1997 Chief, Flight Standards

1997 - 2000 Assistant Director-General (Flight Standards) / Deputy Chief Inspector of Air Accidents

2000 Principal Assistant Secretary for Security (Special Duties)

2000 - 2002 Assistant Director-General (Air Traffic Management)

2002 - 2004 Deputy Director-General of Civil Aviation

2004 - present Director-General of Civil Aviation and Chief Inspector of Accidents

Professional and Academic Qualifications :

Air Traffic Controller’s Licence


Search & Rescue Certificate (US Coast Guard)


Inspector of Accidents


Assistant Flying Instructor’s Rating


Airline Transport Pilot’s Licence (Aeroplane)


Airline Transport Pilot’s Licence (Helicopter)


Master of Aviation Degree (Hons)


Honours and Awards

AE Air Efficiency Award by British Government


JP Justice of the Peace by Hong Kong Government


Hong Kong Cadet Forces Medal


Hong Kong Cadet Forces Medal for Meritorious Service


MA Meritorious Medal of Aeronautics by the French Government


Received two letters of Commendation from the Commanding Officers of the then Royal Hong Kong Auxiliary Air Force for distinguished services for two Search and Rescue missions.

Ref : 6/2009

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