Mr. Lawrence West. Civ. Alexander the Great in the Modern World

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Mr. Lawrence

West. Civ.

Alexander the Great in the Modern World

Personality Traits of Alexander the Great:

In The Campaigns of Alexander, Arrian describes him as possessing "great personal beauty, invincible power of endurance, and a keen intellect; he was brave and adventurous, strict in the observance of his religious duties, and hungry for fame. Most temperate in the pleasures of the body, his passion was for glory only, and in that he was insatiable. He had an uncanny instinct for the right course in a difficult and complex situation, and was most happy in his deductions from observed facts. ... No cheat or liar ever caught him off his guard, and both his word and his bond were inviolable. Spending but little on his own pleasures, he poured out his money without stint for the benefit of his friends."

Fuller also believes he had "[brains], grace, charm, skill at arms, and more self-confidence than was usual even in one deliberately raised to believe in himself.", and stresses Alexander's compassion toward others, his sense of royalty and chivalrous attitude towards his enemies. He treated Porus, whom he had defeated at the banks of Hydaspes, as a king, and not only let him rule over his own Indian people, but he extended his borders as well. During the siege of Miletus he felt pity for the besieged people, and made a truce when he realized they were going to fight to the death. He also pardoned the starving soldiers who had stolen food during the march through the Gedrosian desert.

There were also several incidents in which Alexander demonstrated his compassion towards women: After the battle of Issus, the mother, wife and children of Darius were captured, and they grieved, believing that Darius had been killed in battle. Alexander, however, told them that Darius was still alive (he had fled the battle), and that they would be treated as queens. When Darius' soldiers came to rescue Darius' mother, she even refused to leave, and after Alexander died she mourned his demise and fasted to death. Alexander loathed the rape and abuse of women, a quite remarkable view at that time, when women were considered legitimate spoils of war (10). On one noteworthy occasion, he was offered 100 armed girls by the viceroy of Media, but he dismissed them from the army, fearing that they might get violated.

Directions: Knowing what you do about Alexander the Greats Personality Traits how would he address the following issues in the World today.

1.) Terrorism (Specifically Islamic Terrorism’s fight against Western Civilization)

2.) Economic Crisis (The current economic crisis due to credit/debt problems and unemployment)

3.) The Uprisings in the Middle East (All the countries that are rising up against their dictators in the Middle East, ex. Libya and Syria)

4.) Immigration (illegal immigrants crossing the border in the USA)

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