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Fiction Books

Title Author Call #

All Quiet on the Western Front Remarque, Erich Maria F REM

Experiences of bewildered German soldiers fighting and suffering through the chaos of World War I.

An American Tragedy Dreiser, Theodore F DRE

Corruption and destruction of one man who forfeits his life in desperate pursuit of success.

The Autobiography of Miss

Jane Pittman Gaines, Ernest J. F GAI

From slave to matriarch. A black woman fighting prejudice from the Civil War to today.
Battle Cry Uris, Leon F URI
Tells the story of Danny, Tex, Levin, Gomez, and other members of one squad of Marines under the command of Major Huxley, who started out as a sorry assembly of farm boys and featherweights but turned into a great fighting team during World War II.

Big Sky Guthrie, Alfred B. F GUT

Taciturn, blood-thirsty, unwashed, Boone Caudill is the prototype of the Mountain Man who won the West.

The Book of Daniel Doctorow, E. L. F DOC

A man struggling to accept the death of his parents, creates a memory book aboutthe close relationships in his life, including his wife, foster parents, and younger sister.
The Caine Mutiny:

A Novel of World War II Wouk, Herman F WOU

Novel about a court-martial on a mine sweeper in the Pacific during World War II.

Cold Mountain Frazier, Charles F FRA

A Civil War soldier and a lonely woman embark on parallel journeys of danger and discovery.

The Confessions of Nat Turner Styron, William F STY

A novel based on the true story of an aborted slave rebellion in 1831.

Creek Mary’s Blood Brown, Dee F BRO

This book follows a woman from the creek indian tribe from her childhood to old age.


The Dollmaker Arnow, Haniette F ARN

From the hills of Kentucky to the chilling indifference of wartime Detroit, Gertie Nevels fought to keep her dignity.
Going After Cacciato O’Brien, Tim F OBR

When Pvt. Cacciato takes off from the Vietnam war to walk to Paris, his company follows him, beginning an amazing story.

Gone With the Wind Mitchell, Margaret F MIT

After the Civil War sweeps away the genteel life to which she has been accustomed, Scarlett O'Hara sets about to salvage her plantation home.

The Grapes of Wrath Steinbeck, John F STE

Powerful, social document of the plight of "Okies" during 1930's.

The Guns of Navarone MacLean, Alistair F MAC

When an all-out naval bombardment fails to silence the German artillery on the cliffs at Navarone, five men, each a specialist in violence, death, and destruction, are sent on a commando raid to destroy the guns.

High Hearts Brown, Rita Mae F BRO

When her new husband joins the hastily organized Confederate Army, Geneva changes her name to Jimmy, dons a uniform, and enlists to be with her beloved.

In Country Mason, Bobbie Ann F MAS

Sam Hughes, living in Hopewell, Kentucky, with her Uncle Emmett, a Vietnam veteran, determines in the summer of 1984 to learn more about the war in which her father was killed in spite of the reticence of other vets to discuss the conflict.
Journey Home Uchida, Yoshiko F UCH

After their release from an American concentration camp, a Japanese-American girl and her family try to reconstruct their lives amidst strong anti-Japanese feelings which breed fear, distrust, and violence.

Jubilee Walker, Margaret F WAL

A sweeping, panoramic novel of the Civil War, whose focus of action centers in the wounded and bleeding South.

Jungle Sinclair, Upton F SIN

Poverty, disease, and despair depicted in this story of the barbarous working conditions in the slaughter houses of Chicago in 1900.


Killer Angels Shaara, Michael F SHA

Covers the four most bloody and courageous days of the Civil War--the Battle of Gettysburg.

Last Full Measure Shaara, Jeff F SHA

Fictional account of the generals, battles, and historical figures of the last two years of the American Civil War.

Let the Circle Be Unbroken Taylor, Mildred D. F TAY

Four black children growing up in rural Mississippi during the Depression experience racial antagonisms and hard times, but learn from their parents the pride and self-respect they need to survive. Sequel to Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry.

Looking Backward: 2000-1887 Bellamy, Edward F BEL

A young man from Boston is mysteriously transported from the nineteenth century to the twenty-first century, from a world of war to a world of peace and plenty.

Northern Lights O’Brien, Tim F OBR

Two brothers, one a Vietnam veteran and the other who stayed home, discover unexpected truths as they struggle against an unexpected blizzard in Minnesota.
The Octopus:

A Story of California Norris, Frank F NOR

Depicts the clash between farmers and land-hungry railroad interests in California's Great Central Valley.

The Pit Norris, Frank F NOR

A novel which tells the story of Curtis Jadwin, a man whose increasing attention to earning money in the wheat market of Chicago almost destroys his marriage.

The Red Badge of Courage Crane, Stephen F CRA

A novel about a youth whose dreams of glory on the battlefield clash with the realities of war; and includes an introduction, historical context, and explanatory and interpretive notes.

Shiloh Foote, Shelby F FOO

Based on one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War, and a look into the hearts and minds of the soldiers who fought for two days in the woods near Pittsburgh Landing, Tennessee.

Sister Carrie Dreiser, Theodore F DRE

A "simple country girl" rises to success at the expense of those around her.


Snow Mountain Passage Houston, James D. F HOU

Recounts the infamous story of the Donner Party told from the perspective of those who lived through the ordeal.

The Spy Cooper, James Fenimore F COO

A novel that tells the story of a man who risked his life in service to America during the Revolutionary War.
Tales of Soldiers and

Civilians and Other Stories Bierce, Ambrose F BIE

A collection of more than three dozen short stories by Ambrose Bierce.

The Things They Carried O’Brien Tim F OBR

A series of connected stories based on the author's experiences in Vietnam.

Uncle Tom’s Cabin Beecher Stowe, Harriet F BEE

A novel about an elderly slave who maintains his human dignity in the face of cruelty, suffering, and death.

The Wall Hersey, John F HER

Tells a story of the horrors endured by Jews in the Warsaw ghetto ending with the rescue of forty who escape through the sewers

The Wayward Bus Steinbeck, John F STE

A bus traveling California's back roads carries travelers away from their shattered past lives to the promise of the future.

Winds of War Wouk, Herman F WOU

The lives of the members of the Henry family, headed by Naval Commander 'Pug' Henry, are irrevocably changed in the days heading up to the outbreak of World War II.
Without Remorse Clancy, Tom F CLA

John Kelly tries to juggle two assignments helping a friend and rescuing a group of prisoners in a North Vietnamese prisoner-of-war camp.


Non - Fiction Books
Title Author Call #

The Age of Jackson Schlesinger, Arthur Meier 973.5 SCH

Discusses the rise of industrialism and its radical effects on the national economy during the Jacksonian period.

The Age of Reform Hofstadter, Richard 973 HOF

An analysis of Populism, Progressivism, and the New Deal from the perspective of our own time.

America and Americans Steinbeck, John 917.30 STE

A collection of essays written by John Steinbeck about how he views the county durng his lifetime.
The American Political Tradition

and the Men Who Made It Hofstadter, Richard 973 HOF

A study of popular politics in the United States with portraits of its political leaders including Jefferson, Calhoun, Jackson, Theodore Roosevelt, Wilson, Hoover, and FDR.

Americans at War Ambrose, Stephen E. 940.54 AMB

Examines the history of American warfare from the Civil War through Vietnam and the Cold War, looking at the experiences of both leaders and the led and how American democracy defines itself through these conflicts.

Arrest Sitting Bull Jones, Douglas C. 978.9 JON

A fictionalized account of the disastrous confrontation between the forces of the United States and the Dakota Indians led by Sitting Bull in 1890.
Band of Brothers: E Company, 506th

Regiment, 101st Airborne Ambrose, Stephen E. 940.54 AMB

The story of the men who were in Easy Company, 506th Regiment, 101st Airborne during World War II.

Battle Cry of Freedom:

The “Civil War Era Mcpherson, James 973.73 MCP

A chronicle and analysis of the Civil War, focusing on the multiple meanings of slavery and freedom and how they dissolved and re-formed throughout the course of the conflict.

The Best and the Brightest Halberstam, David 959.7 HAL

Examines how and why America went to war in Vietnam, and investigates the question of why men who were said to be the ablest to serve in government in the twentieth century had been the architects of the tragic conflict.


Black Like Me Griffin, John Howard 301.451 GRI

The author, a white man, recounts his experiences when he darkened his skin and traveled through the South as an African-American man. Epilogue covers events in the field of civil rights since 1959.
The Bold and Magnificent Dream Catton, Bruce 973 CAT

Examines the history of America from Columbus' explorations and the colonial era through the War of 1812.

Born on the Fourth of July Kovic, Ron 959.704 KOV

A veteran of Vietnam describes his experiences in the war and his reentry into American society after he was paralyzed.
Brave Companions:

Portraits in History McCullough, David G. 920.07 MCC

Collections of portraits of people past and present who have shaped the course of history or changed the world; includes discussion of Louis Agassiz, Charles and Anne Lindbergh, Frederic Remington, Antoine de Saint-Exupery, and others.

Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee Brown, Dee 970.5 BRO

Documented account of the systematic plunder of the American Indians during the second half of the nineteenth century.

The Causes of the Civil War Stampp, Kenneth M, 973.7 STA

Presents debate on the issues and events leading up to the American Civil War.
The Coldest Winter:

America and the Korean War Halberstam, David 951.9 HAL

Includes bibliographical references (p. 671-702) and index. Tells the story of the Second Infantry Division and their terrible defeat by forces of the People's Republic Army in 1950.

The Coming of the New Deal Schlesinger, Arthur Meier 973.9 SCH

Chronicles Franklin Delano Roosevelt's tumultuous years in the White House, discussing his unorthodox remedies to avert economic collapse, his efforts to restore national morale, and his New Deal.

D-Day, June 6, 1944: The Climactic

Battle of World War II Ambrose, Stephen E. 940.54 AMB

Reveals the intricate plan for the invasion of France in June 1944, based on 1400 oral histories from the men who were there.

Democracy in America Tocqueville, Alexis De 320.973 TOC

Based partly on the author's observations of American political and social conditions during a visit in 1831-1832.

The Emancipation Proclamation Franklin, John Hope 973.7 FRA

A reissue of a 1963 text written in honor of the one hundredth anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation, discussing the evolution of the document in the mind of Abraham Lincoln, events leading up to its writing, its impact on the course of the Civil War, and its significance for later generations.
The Era of Reconstruction,

1865-1877 Stampp, Kenneth M, 973.8 STA

A political history of reconstruction, looking at the attempts by President Lincoln, President Johnson, and Congress to restore the eleven states that had formed the southern Confederacy to their positions in the federal Union.

For Cause and Comrades:

Why Men Fought in the Civil War McPherson, James M. 973.7 MCP

Includes bibliographical references (p. 189-232) and index. Draws from the letters and diaries of men who fought on both sides of the Civil War to examine the reasons why they were willing to risk their lives in the divisive conflict.

Founding Brothers:

The Revolutionary Generation Ellis, Joseph J. 973.4 ELL

Includes bibliographical references and index. Profiles the intertwined lives of seven of America's founding fathers, including John Adams, Aaron Burr, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and George Washington.
Ghost Soldiers:

The Epic Account of World War II's

Greatest Rescue Mission Sides, Hampton 940.54 SID

Chronicles the raid by 121 U.S. troops to rescue 513 prisoners of war, including the last survivors of the Bataan Death March, from the Philippines in January 1945.

Glory Road Catton, Bruce 973.7 CAT

The critical months between the autumn of 1862 and midsummer 1863 is the focus of Glory Road. During this time the outcome of the Civil War is determined, as the battles at Fredericksburg, Rappahannock and Chancellorsville set the state for Union victory as Gettysburg.
The Great Bridge McCullough, David G. 973 MCC

Tells the story of the Brooklyn Bridge in the context of the age in which it was built, focusing on the work of Washington A. Roebling who was named Chief Engineer of the Great Bridge after the death of his father.

The Great Crash, 1929 Galbraith, John Kenneth 338.54 GAL

An account of the causes, events, and aftermath of the financial panic and crash of 1929 that was the beginning of the Great Depression.

Hard Times Terkel, Studs 973.91 TER

A variety of people who lived through the Great Depression describe their memories of that time.
How the Other Half Lives:

Studies Among the Tenements of

New York Riis, Jacob A. 973.91 RII

"An unabridged republication of the text of the 1901 edition ... A new preface has been written specially for the present edition." Provides a detailed picture of what life in the slums of New York was like, how the slums were created, how and why they remained as they were, who was forced to live there, and offers suggestions for easing the lot of the poor.

The Johnstown Flood McCullough, David G. 974.8 MCC

Draws from letters, diaries, historical records, and interviews with survivors to provide an account of the 1889 flood that killed over two thousand people in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.
Mothers of Invention Faust, Drew Gilpin 973.7 FAU

Discusses the situation of white women in slave-holding families during the Civil War, showing how they responded to their new responsibilities as heads of households, loss of prosperity, and a changing society.

Never Call Retreat Catton, Bruce 973.7 CAT

In the third volume of his Centennial History of the Civil War, Bruce Catton writes of the last two years of that horrendous conflict.
The New Industrial State Galbraith, John Kenneth 338.973 GAL

Argues that the United States is not a free-enterprise society, but instead a structured state that is controlled by large, powerful companies that use advertising to create consumer need where none previously existed.

Nothing like it in the World: The Men

Who Built the Transcontinental

Railroad, 1863-1869 Ambrose, Stephen E. 9780.2 AMB

Profiles the men who built the transcontinental railroad, the investors who risked their businesses to fund it, the politicians who understood its importance, the Irish and Chinese immigrants who worked on it, and the other laborers who did the dangerous work of laying the track.

One Minute to Midnight Dobbs, Michael 972.9 DOB

A comprehensive history of the October 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis that presents a detailed description of the tension between the Soviet Union's Nikita Khrushchev and President John F. Kennedy over the nuclear build-up in Cuba aimed at destroying the United States.

Only Yesterday Allen, Frederick 973.91 ALL

History of the 1920's from the collapse of Wilson and the New Freedom to the collapse of Wall Street and the New Era.
The Path Between the Seas:

The Creation of the Panama

Canal, 1870-1914 McCullough, David G. 972.87 MCC

An account of the building of the Panama Canal, covering the fifty-year span between its beginnings by France to its completion by the United States in 1914.

The Peculiar Institution: Slavery in

the Antebellum South Stampp, Kenneth M, 973.8 STA

Chronicles the history of slavery and discusses how it affected the American people, what life was like for slaves, how the escaped, how they were treated by their masters and by other slaves, and other related topics.

The Progressive Movement,

1900-1915 Hofstadter, Richard 973.91 HOF

Reconstruction: After the Civil War Franklin, John Hope 973.8 FRA

Studies the role former slaves played in the Reconstruction after the Civil War.
The Rise of Modern America:

1865-1951 Schlesinger, Arthur Meier 973.8 SCH

Roll, Jordan, Roll: The World

the Slaves Made Genovese, Eugene D. 975.004 GEN

An analysis of slavery in America as well as the Afro-American community and American society.

A Rumor of War Caputo, Philip 959.7 CAP

"With a twentieth-anniversary postscript by the author"--Cover. Philip J. Caputo's memories of the sixteen months he served in Vietnam, from 1965-66, and the emotional devastation he suffered from it, written a decade after his return home.
SOG-The Secret Wars of

America’s Commandos in Vietnam Plaster, John L. 959.7 PLA

Major John L Plaster, three-tour veteran of the Studies and Observations Group, or SOG, describes his experiences with the top-secret elite military unit during the Vietnam War.
A Surgeon’s Civil War: The Letters

And Diary of Daniel M. Holt, M.D. Holt, Daniel M. 973.7 HOL

Contains the letters and diary of surgeon Daniel M. Holt which discuss the experiences he had serving in Emory Upton's unit in the Civil War.


Terrible Swift Sword Catton, Bruce 973.7 CAT

Traces the events that led to war during the 12 months prior to actual combat. Sword dissects the combatants reassessment of their positions and strategies during early skirmishes.
Trail of Tears: The Rise and

Fall of the Cherokee Nation Ehle, John 978.2 EHL

Includes bibliographical references (p. 415-420) and index. Tells the story of the fateful journey of the forced removal of the Eastern band of the Cherokee in 1838.
The Training Ground: Grant, Lee,

Sherman, and Davis in the

Mexican War, 1846-1848 Dugard, Martin 973.6 DUG

Explores the relationship between Ulysses S. Grant, Robert E. Lee, William T. Sherman, and Jefferson Davis as they fight together during the Mexican War.

Tried by War: Abraham Lincoln

as Commander in Chief McPherson, James M. 973.7 MCP

Chronicles the military leadership of President Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War, his strategic insight, and how he often overstepped the boundaries of his political office to assume the role of commander in chief, ultimately changing the course of the war and saving the Union.

Twenty Years at Hull House Addams, Jane 331.82 ADD

Presents Hull House founder Jane Addams's account of her work at the settlement home in Chicago's West side slums during the years between 1889 to 1909.

A Thousand Days Schlesinger, Arthur Meier 973.922 SCH

A personal memoir in which Arthur Schlesinger, special assistant to President John F. Kennedy, shares his views on Kennedy as a politician and as a friend.
A Shopkeeper’s Millennium:

Society and Revivals in Rochester,

New York, 1815-1837 Johnson, Paul E. 974.76 JOH

Presents a study of the religious revival that swept Rochester, New York in the 1830s, looking at the cases of the Protestant movement, and discussing its social, economic, political, and religious consequences.

Stillness at Appomattox Catton, Bruce 973.7 CAT

Chronicles the last year of the Civil War, following the Army of the Potomac through the Battle of the Wilderness, the siege of Petersburg, Virginia, and Lee's surrender.

The Strange Career of Jim Crow Woodward, C. Vann 301.451 WOO

Presents a discussion of the development of the Southern social movement called "Jim Crowism" and segregation in post-Reconstruction United States.


Undaunted Courage: The

Opening of the American West Ambrose, Stephen E. 917.80 AMB

Chronicles the experiences of Meriwether Lewis, the man chosen by President Jefferson to lead a voyage from the Missouri River to the Pacific Ocean, discusses the experiences of those who took part in the expedition, and tells of the leading political, scientific, and military figures involved in the mapping of the American West.
The Victors: Eisenhower and His

Boys, the Men of World War II Ambrose, Stephen E. 940.54 AMB

Includes bibliographical references (p. 372-379) and index. Chronicles the United States' involvement in Europe during World War II and discusses how the soldiers who fought in Europe were affected by the experiences in the war.

Warriors Don't Cry:

A Searing Memoir of the

Battle to Integrate

Little Rock's Central High Beals, Melba. 379.2 BEA

Beals chronicles her harrowing junior year at Central High where she underwent the segregationists' brutal organized campaign of terrorism which included telephone threats, vigilante stalkers, economic blackmailers, rogue police, and much more.

Why Lincoln Matters:

Today More Than Ever Cuomo, Mario Matthew 973.7 CUO

Describes how Abraham Lincoln's political thought can be applied to large issues of the modern world such as equality, the role of government, war and peace, and responsibility by examining his writings and speeches.

Biography Books

Title Author Call #

Fortunate Son:

The Healing of a Veitnam Vet. Puller, Lewis Jr. B PUL

Autobiography of Vietnam veteran Lewis B. Puller, Jr., including his childhood, his marine unit in Vietnam, the loss of his legs, and the return home to his family.

In Retrospect:

The History of a Historian Schlesinger, Arthur Meier B SCH

John Adams McCullough, David B ADA

Chronicles the life of the second president, John Adams, describing the many conflicts--including international exploits--he faced during his long political career and exploring the love story that was his marriage to Abigail and the complexity of his friendship with Thomas Jefferson.

Mornings on Horseback McCullough, David G. B ROO

"A Touchstone book.";Includes bibliographical references (p. 413-424) and index. Covers the life of Theodore Roosevelt from 1869, when he is ten, to 1886 when he returns from the west as a grown man.
Narrative of the Life of Frederick

Douglass: An American Slave Douglass, Frederick B DOU

An autobiographical account by the runaway slave Frederick Douglass that chronicles his experiences with his owners and overseers, and discusses how slavery affected both slaves and slaveholders.
The Puritan Dilemma:

The Story of John Winthrop Edmund, Morgan B WIN

An account of the life of Puritan leader John Winthrop, providing insight into the Puritan movement from its origins in England to its development in Massachusetts Bay.
Team of Rivals: The Political

Genius of Abraham Lincoln Goodwin, Doris Kearns B LIN

Presents an overview of the presidency of Abraham Lincoln, explaining the genius of his political savvy, and describes the context in which he assigned a cadre of his fiercest rivals as his closest cabinet advisors.

Truman McCullough, David B TRU

A profile of the 33rd U.S. president, a common man who revealed uncommon vitality and strength of character. An examination into the character and accomplishments of the 33rd U.S. president.

Up From Slavery Washington, Booker T. B WAS

An autobiography in which Booker T. Washington, the son of a slave woman and a white man, discusses how he rose from slavery to become one of the most influential African-American leaders in the U.S., and founder of the Tuskegee Institute in Alabama.
War on the Run: The Epic Story of

Robert Rogers and the Conquest of

America's First Frontier Ross, John F. B ROG

Includes bibliographical references (p. 473-534) and index. A comprehensive narrative history of the life and achievements of American colonial frontiersman, Robert Rogers who served in the British army during both the French and Indian War and the American Revolution.

With Malice Toward None-

A Life of Abraham Lincoln Oates, Stephen B LIN

A biography of the sixteenth President of the United States, covering both his personal and public life.


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