Mr. Beacom, Lincoln Southeast H. S. Apush period 6 (1865-1898) Timeline

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Mr. Beacom, Lincoln Southeast H.S.

APUSH Period 6 (1865-1898) Timeline
1865—The Civil War ends

1866—Tennessee is the first Confederate state to be re-admitted

1867—Nebraska becomes the 37th state

1867—Alaska is purchased from Russia

1868—War hero Ulysses S. Grant is elected president

1869—The Transcontinental Railroad is completed at Promontory Point, Utah

1869—The Territory of Wyoming allows women to vote

1870—John D. Rockefeller incorporates Standard Oil

1871—The Great Chicago Fire kills 300+ and leaves roughly 100,000 homeless

1872—Yellowstone becomes the first national park

1873—Mark Twain coins the phrase “Gilded Age”

1873—A financial crisis known as the Panic of 1873 sets in, it lasts until 1879

1874—The Greenback Party is founded

1875—The first Kentucky Derby is held

1876—Alexander Graham Bell invents the telephone

1876—The Centennial International Exposition is held in Philadelphia, it hosted 9+ million visitors

1876—Custer is routed at the Battle of Little Bighorn

1877—Sioux warrior Crazy Horse is murdered at Fort Robinson, Nebraska

1877—Reconstruction ends due to the Compromise of 1877

1877—The Great Railroad Strike lasted 45 days

1878—Thomas Edison patents the phonograph

1879—Edison demonstrates incandescent lighting for the first time

1880—The first cash register is patented

1881—President James Garfield is shot twice and dies two months later

1882—Congress passes the Chinese Exclusion Act

1883—The Pendleton Civil Service Act is enacted

1884—Grover Cleveland is elected president; it was the first Democratic win since 1856

1885—The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is first published in the U.S.

1886—Apache warrior Geronimo finally surrenders to the U.S. Army

1886—The Haymarket Riot occurs in Chicago; a bomb kills seven police officers

1887—Congress passes the Dawes Act, dividing tribal lands into allotments

1888—Benjamin Harrison edges the incumbent Cleveland to become president

1889—Oklahoma holds its first land rush

1890—The U.S. Census announces that the western frontier is closed

1890—Thanks to the work of John Muir, Yosemite National Park is established

1890—The Wounded Knee Massacre in South Dakota marks an end to the Indian Wars

1891—The Populist Party is created

1892—The Ellis Island immigration inspection station opens in New York

1892—Cleveland defeats Harrison in a re-match of the election of 1888

1893—Frederick Jackson Turner presents his “Frontier Thesis”

1893—A serious economic depression sets in, it is labeled the Panic of 1893

1894—The Pullman Strike stalls rail traffic nationally

1894—“Coxey’s Army” marches on Washington, D.C.

1895—Booker T. Washington delivers his “Atlanta Compromise” speech

1896—In Plessy v. Ferguson the Supreme Court supports “separate, but equal”

1896—William J. Bryan delivers his “Cross of Gold” speech at the Democratic Nat’l Convention in Chicago

1897—The Klondike Gold Rush in Alaska takes off

1898—The U.S. enters the Spanish-American War

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