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Ms. Betsy Hall McKinney

Founder, the Founding Family, Women United For, United States

Betsy Hall McKinney is a mother, entrepreneur, writer and philanthropist. She is currently launching a new business enterprise called The Founding Family ( that employs the values of love, partnership and interdependence into a framework supporting an inclusive, long-term civic engagement movement to evolve democracy and to restore our world. Founding Mothers is the first area of membership development within the Founding Family and will be the first launch activity. The Founding Mothers is a member owned business model that will support and fund a network of women’s organizations in coalescing an enduring women’s movement for our full empowerment. Founding Mothers will optimize and champion the surging feminine energy rising here in the U.S. and around the world. The programs will make visible the myriad of good work being done by women to create a just and healthy planet. Partnerships with Founding Youth, New Founding Fathers, and Founding Elders are forming simultaneously with subsequent launches planned.  Betsy is the Chair of Women United For at the Women Donors Network (WDN). The WDN is an organization that helps women invest their voices - and much more - in the demand for change. Through collaboration and innovation, they aim to accomplish more together than they ever could separately. Betsy currently lives in Marin County, California with her husband, John McKinney ( and her 15 year old daughter, Maria Rose McKinney.

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