Mr. Angel Gurría

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Ms. Huguette Labelle

Chair, Transparency International

Huguette Labelle is Chair of the Board of Transparency International, member of the Board of the UN Global Compact, member of the Group of External Advisors on the World Bank Governance and Anti-corruption Strategy, member of the Advisory Group to the Asian Development Bank on Climate Change and Sustainable Development, member of the Executive Board of the Africa Capacity Building Foundation, member of the Board of the Global Centre for Pluralism, member of the Advisory Council of the Order of Ontario and Vice Chair of the Senior Advisory Board of the International Anti-Corruption Academy. A former Chancellor of the University of Ottawa, she also serves on additional national and international boards. She provides advisory services to national and international organisations. Labelle served for 19 years as Deputy Minister of different Canadian Government departments.

Ms. Hadia Tajik

Member of Parliament; Former Minister of Culture, Norway

Hadia Tajik (born 1983) is an elected MP for the Norwegian Labour Party and chairs the Standing Committee on Justice in the Norwegian Parliament (from 2013). This is her second term in Parliament. Tajik was Minister of Culture in Prime Minister Jens Stoltenbergs II-government (2012-13). Earlier in her career she has been a political adviser to the Minister of Labour, the Minister of Justice and the Prime Minister. Tajik has an MA in Law from the University of Oslo, and an MA in Human Rights from Kingston University in England. Recently she was awarded an honorary doctorate from Kingston University, due to her ground breaking role as the youngest ever minister in Norwegian history, and the first Muslim member of government.

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