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Mr. Sandy Ruxton

MenEngage Europe, United Kingdom

Sandy Ruxton is an independent writer and researcher, based in Oxford, UK. He is a member of the steering group of MenEngage Europe, part of a global alliance of NGOs working together with men and boys to promote gender equality.

He is currently a collaborator on an Open University research project 'Beyond Male Role Models: Gender Identities and Work with Young Men', funded by the UK Economic and Social Research Council.

As a consultant, recent commissions include: Principal Investigator for a study for the European Institute for Gender Equality on men's involvement in gender equality in the EU; lead researcher for a report for the UK Coalition on Men and Boys on masculinities and public policy; co-writing a report for Oxfam and the European Women's Lobby on the impact of recession on women in Europe; and working with male prisoners on health education materials. Other organisations for whom he has worked include the European Commission, the Belgian EU Presidency, UNHCR, UNICEF, Save the Children, National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, the Institute for Public Policy Research, and Cirque du Soleil.

In addition to his work on men and masculinities, Sandy is the author of several well-known texts setting out an agenda for children’s rights at EU level, and other reports on child poverty and social exclusion, on separated children, and on sexual exploitation. He played a key role in the campaign for references to children to be included in the EU Treaties. In 2013, he managed the child-led strand of a child participation study for the European Commission, engaging children as peer researchers in five EU countries.

Prior to becoming a consultant, he was Policy and Communications Manager with Oxfam’s.

UK Poverty Programme, leading advocacy on poverty, asylum, equalities and rights issues. A trained teacher, in his early career he set up and managed a programme of education activities for young offenders in the community, and placed and supported young prisoners in a wide range of community settings for the last part of their sentence. He also worked in an alternative education project for young people truanting from school.

Sandy is a graduate of Oxford, York and London Metropolitan Universities; an Honorary Research Fellow with the School of Law and Social Justice at Liverpool University; a National Ambassador for the White Ribbon Campaign UK; and a former trustee of the British Institute of Human Rights.

His publications include: The Involvement of Men in Gender Equality Initiatives in the European Union, European Institute for Gender Equality (2012); Man Made: men, masculinities and equality in public policy, Coalition on Men and Boys (2009), Working With Older Men, Age Concern England (2006); Gender Equality and Men: Learning from Practice, Oxfam GB (2004); Men, Masculinities and Poverty in the UK, Oxfam GB (2002).

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