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Mr. John Evans

Secretary General, Trade Union Advisory Committee to the OECD

John Evans is General Secretary of the Paris-based Trade Union Advisory Committee (TUAC ) to the OECD, a position he has held since 1985.

After studying, Philosophy, Politics and Economics at the University of Oxford and teaching Introductory Economics, he worked as an economist in the Economic Department at the Trades Union Congress in London. Subsequent posts included positions with the International Federation of Commercial, Clerical and Technical Employees (FIET- the forerunner of what is now UNI Global Union) in Geneva and Research Officer with the European Trade Union Institute in Brussels where he published extensively on Labour Markets and the Impact of Technological Change on Employment. Since 2012 he also serves as Chief Economist of the International Trade Union Confederation ( in Brussels. TUAC and the ITUC together form the secretariat for the L20 that coordinates the labour input to the G20 process.

Past not-for profit board positions include the Global Reporting Initiative and the Helsinki Group. He is currently a member of the Comité Médicis at the Amundi Group, the Conseil d’Orientation, IDDRI (the French Institute for Research on Sustainable Development) and Council of Ruskin College, Oxford. He is also Chair of the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on Employment.

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