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Ms. Algimanta Pabedinskiene

Minister of Social Security and Labour, Republic of Lithuania

Date and place of birth: Born on 25 March 1965 in Liepaia (Latvia).

Education: In 1988 graduated from Vilnius Engineering Construction Institute (at present – Vilnius Gediminas Technical University) and acquired the specialty of a construction engineer (the qualification corresponds to the Master’s Degree in Construction Engineering). In 2005 graduated from Kaunas Technology University and acquired Master’s Degree in Management and Business Administration (specialization – Management of Companies).

Professional experience: 1991-1994: A. Pabedinskiene Fine Crafts Studi, founder and manager ; 1994-2007: Family business company “Selema”, Director ; 2004-2005: Marijampole J. Totoraitis Secondary School, teacher of economics ; 2005-2012: Marijampole College, lector ; 2007-2012: Kaunas Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts, Director of Marijampole Branch. From 19 December 2012: Minister for Social Security and Labour.

Member of Marijampolė region strategic development plan preparation group (in 2012) Member of Marijampolė region general spatial plan implementation programme preparation group (in 2011) Chair of the Health and Safety at Work Commission at Marijampolė Municipality (from 2011) Member of the working group for the reduction of the bureaucratic burden for business of the Commission for Improving Business Environment (‘Sunrise’ Commission) of the Republic of Lithuania (2010-2011) Member of the Small and Medium-Sized Business Support Fund Commission at Marijampolė Municipality (from 2008) Member of Marijampolė Vocational Training Centre Council (from 2007) Member of the board of the public body Kazlų Rūda Business Incubator (from 2007).

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