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Ms. Monika Queisser

Head of Social Policy Division, OECD

Monika Queisser is the Head of Social Policy at the OECD. She is also one of the leading international experts in pension system analysis and pension reform. She has been working with governments in OECD countries advising them on pension system design and pension reform strategies since 1999. In 2007-8, she worked as an adviser to the OECD Secretary- General.

Prior to joining the OECD Ms. Queisser worked at the World Bank in Washington, D.C. She was a member of the pensions and insurance group in the Financial Sector Development Department. She worked with and travelled extensively to countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe to consult governments on pension and insurance matters. Her first employment was with the German Ifo institute for economic research in Munich. Her professional experience also includes employment as a journalist at daily newspapers and broadcasting in Germany.

Ms. Queisser holds two masters’ degrees (in economics and political science) and a doctorate in economic policy from the University of Munich. She is a German/American national.

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