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Ms. Lilian Hofmeister

Substitute Justice of the Constitutional Court; Former Justice of the Vienna Commercial Court, Austria

Since 1998: Substitute Justice at the Austrian Constitutional Court ; Since 1998: Chairwoman and founder of the Austrian Women Judges Association (AWJA) ; Since 1997: Founding Member of the Austrian National Committee for UN Women ; 2010-2012: Chairwoman of the Austrian Association for the Access of Women to Justice ; 1996-2003: Chairwoman of the Working Group an Equal Treatment (Ministry of Justice)

Main professional activities: 1976-2010: Career as Judge in Austria ; 1990 until to date: Teaching activities on the topic of women’s and human rights and justice in academic institutions (e.g. University of Vienna, University of Linz, Renner Institute) ; 2010, 2013: Member of the Austrian Delegation at the 54th and 57th sessions of CSW, giving lectures at Side Events organized by the Permanent Mission of Austria to the UN in NY ; 2009: Research Project in South Africa on the national implementation of Art. 5a CEDAW ; 1997-2003: Member of the Austrian Federal Equal Treatment Commission ; 1995: Legal expert and member of the Austrian Delegation at the 4th UN World Conference on Women in Beijing, also participating member in the preparatory process of the Conference ; 1993: Consultant as legal expert for the Austrian Protection Against Domestic Violence Act

Educational background: 1973-76: Training as judge; 1972: Doctor juris, University of Vienna ; 1968-72: Studies of Law, University of Vienna ; 1956-68 : Primary school and high school (Gymnasium), Vienna

Other main activities in the field relevant to the mandate of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women: 2000: Member and rapporteur of the Austrian delegation on the occasion of the establishment of the European Women Lawyers Association in Berlin ; 1999: Member of the Austrian delegation during the EU-China human rights dialogue in Rovaniemi, Finland: function as legal expert ; 1993-1997: Substitute Member of the Austrian Federal Equal Treatment Commission ; 1993-1996: Deputy Chairwoman of the Working Group on Equal Treatment at the Austrian Federal Ministry of Justice ; 1995: Consultant of the Austrian Federal Minister for Women’s Affairs, Johanna Dohnal ; 1985-1993: Member of the Austrian Ministerial Working Group on equal treatment of female civil servants in the judicial system

List of most recent publications in the field of discrimination against women and advancement of their human rights: Die kurze Geschichte der Richterinnen in der österreichischen Justiz, in: Pilgermair, Walter (ed.), Wandel in der Justiz, Wien: 2013 / Menschenrechte für Frauen und Kinder, in: Arbeitskreis für Gleichbehandlungsfragen, 1/2000 / Frauenrechte sind Menschenrechte, in: STREIT 4/1993 / Frauen und Rechtswissenschaft – ein Männerproblem, in: Journal für Rechtspolitik 3/1993.

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