Moving Towards Independence Colonial Leaders Emerge

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Moving Towards Independence

  1. Colonial Leaders Emerge

  1. Second Continental Congress

  1. May 10,775

  2. Drafted Declaration of Independence

  3. Governed the colonies

  4. Continental Army

  1. Fought against Great Britain better than militias

  2. Commanded by George Washington

  1. Olive Branch Petition

  1. Assured colonists desire for peace

  2. Asked to protect colonists rights

  3. Refused by King George III

  1. refused Olive Branch Petition

  2. Hired 30,000 German troops to assist in war

  1. Colonies Take the Offensive

  1. British Troops Canada

  1. Planned to invade New York

  2. Americans decide to strike first

  1. Marched north from Fort Ticonderoga

  2. Captured Montreal

  3. Benedict Arnold

  1. Led attack on Quebec but failed

  1. George Washing ton

  1. began training militias from July 1775 to March 1776

  2. Positioned semicircular to around Boston

  3. After the firing of first cannons British troops withdrew from the city

  1. Moving Toward Independence

  1. Thomas Paine

  1. Common Sense- Pamphlet that influenced opinions throughout colonies

  1. The Colonies Declare Independence

  1. Debate at Continental Congress in Philadelphia

  1. Debate- Spirited Discussion

  2. Become Independent Nation or stay under British rule

  1. Debate Over Independence

  1. Congress debated Lee’s Resolution

  1. Approved July 2, 1776

  1. Some thought colonies not ready for separate nation

  2. Others said already begun

  3. Chose a committee to draft a declaration of Independence

  1. Jefferson was selected to write Declaration

  2. Approved July 4, 1776

  3. 56 delegates

  1. John Hancock first to sign

  1. The Declaration of Independence

  1. Preamble

  1. Introduction

  2. States that people that wish to form a new nation must state reasons

  1. Ends by announcing status america

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