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Youth and Education

The concept of money was only introduced into Australia around 200 years ago.9 The arrival of money saw most Indigenous people deprived of their self determination, economic independence, cultural identity and basic human rights. Welfare reliance has had a multi-generational impact. Also reconciliation and moving on from the legacy of Australia’s ‘hidden history’ have been denied by current government policy. A healing process, acknowledging the suffering brought to Indigenous people post ’invasion’ is required; led by the heads of government, through all organisations, and modelled by schools and parents. ‘Children are not racist, they learn it’.10

Indigenous people nation-wide agree that education and employment are the keys to turning around the current appalling conditions many Indigenous communities endure. National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) research has found that seven key factors can improve educational delivery for Indigenous Australians:

  1. Community ownership and involvement

  2. Acceptance of Indigenous identities, cultures, knowledge and values

  3. Working in true partnerships

  4. Flexibility in course design and content

  5. Quality staff and committed advocacy

  6. Extensive and appropriate student support services

  7. Appropriate funding that allows for sustainability.11

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