Movie: Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Synopsis follows. Educational objectives

Video Questions for Frankenstein: a Modern Prometheus

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Video Questions for
Frankenstein: a Modern Prometheus

Identify the following characters by what they want most:

Robert Walton

Victor Frankenstein

Alphonse Frankenstein

William Frankenstein

Justine Moritz

Henry Clerval

Elizabeth Frankenstein

Dr. Waldman

Dr. Krempe

  1. What is the narrator discussing at the opening of the film?

  2. How does Walton meet Victor Frankenstein?

  3. What does Victor mean when he says, “You share my madness?”

  4. According to the film, how does Victor’s mother die?

  5. What does Victor promise?

  6. What is the nature of Victor’s experiment?

  7. What gift does Victor receive from his mother upon graduation?

  8. Why doesn’t Elizabeth join Victor in Ingolstadt?

  9. What does Victor argue with the professor about?

  10. What did the Chinese believe was the key to life?

  11. What does Waldman show Victor and Henry Clerval?

  12. What reason does Waldman give for why he abandoned his research?

  13. What even further inspires Victor in his search to control life?

  14. How does Victor learn how to create life?

  15. What warning does Clerval give?

  16. How does Victor respond?

  17. What causes Elizabeth to become concerned about Victor?

  18. Where does Victor get the brain?

  19. What is Victor’s first sign of success?

  20. What does Victor resolve to do the day after the experiment?

  21. What words from the professor haunt Victor?

  22. How do the townspeople react?

  23. After speaking with Clerval, Victor assumes what about the creature?

  24. Where does it hide after leaving town?

  25. What are the cottagers upset about?

  26. What does the creature do for them?

  27. What assumptions are made about this?

  28. How does the creature learn to speak?

  29. How does the creature end up inside with the old man?

  30. Who attacks whom and why?

  31. How does the creature learn the truth about his conception?

  32. How does he respond?

  33. Why does the creature pursue William?

  34. Who gets blamed?

  35. What does the creature tell Victor in front of his home?

  36. What does the creature blame Victor for?

  37. Why does Victor delay his wedding for a month?

  38. Why does Victor eventually refuse the creature’s request?

  39. Who is with Alphonse (Victor’s father) as he dies?

  40. On the wedding night, Victor knows the creature is near how?

  41. What does Victor decide to do as a response to the murder?

  42. What does Elizabeth do once she realizes what she’s become ?

  43. What happens after Victor finishes telling his story to Walton?

  44. What does Walton see when he returns to the cabin?

  45. How does the creature respond when asked why he weeps?

  46. Why does the creature steal the torch?

  47. What is the creature’s fate?

  48. How does this influence Walton?

  49. List 10 Gothic elements according to their place in the story:
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Ideas to discuss:

The monster’s eloquence and persuasiveness has what effect on the viewer?

Why do you think most film versions of the story present the monster as mute or inarticulate?

How do Victor and the monster become more similar as the novel goes on?
What causes their relationship with each other to develop?
What fatal flaw causes Victor’s tragic fate?
What is the underlying cause of his suffering?
Give 5 ways the movie presents scientific knowledge as dangerous and destructive?
For the satire, Young Frankenstein, list 10 of the many social stigma or prejudices that you notice being

spotlighted, and give us the detail that makes this funny.

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