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Movie Analysis: ANTZ

All answers the following questions using complete sentences with proper spelling and grammar. If you require more space, answer on a separate piece of paper.

  1. Create a diagram that shows the chain of command of the ANTZ society at the beginning of the video under the Queen’s leadership.

  1. Why do characters like Weaver and Azteca like living in the ANTZ society? What do they like about how their society is organized and how it functions?

  1. Why do characters like Z and Princess Bala dislike living in the ANTZ society? Why do they feel confined and bored?

  1. a. What does General Mandible say is the problem with the ANTZ society under the Queen’s government?

  1. Create a diagram that shows the government structure (chain of command) that Mandible wants to put in place?

  1. What important message does Barbatus give to Z before he dies?

  1. Explain why General Mandible’s plan to overthrow the Queen’s government and the ANTZ society fails.

  1. In your opinion, who are the heroes of this movie? Explain why you think these characters are heroes.

Download 27 Kb.

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