Motivations for Imperialism

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Motivations for Imperialism

I. European Imperialism

A. From 1850 to 1914, the strong, ________________________ nations of Europe used _____________________________ to seize colonies & dominate the local gov’ts & __________________________ in Africa & Asia

B. Reasons for European Imperialism

1. Political: Nationalism & Power

a. _________________________ in Europe meant that each nation wanted to become the most _______________________

b. Having a lot of _________________________________________ showed power

c. This turned into an all-out _______________ for the best & most numerous colonies in ________________ & ___________

2. Economic: Industrialization, New Markets, Raw Materials

a. The ____________________________________ led to a huge demand for _____________________________________ so countries could make more ______________________-produced goods

b. The Industrial Revolution caused a huge demand for new overseas __________________ to ________ their finished goods

c. Having numerous colonies in ______________ & _____________ helped fuel the Industrial Revolution

3. Social: Christianity & Ideology

a. Christian ________________________________ wanted to convert the “_______________________” natives in the world by creating churches, ___________________, & hospitals

b. Europeans believed in an idea called “____________________________________” that argued that __________________ were the most evolved & _______________________ race

c. Europeans believed in the “____________________________________” that they had a responsibility to civilize the world

C. Forms of Imperialism

1. Colony: Europeans seize a territory & ___________________________________________ by sending governors to the colony

2. Protectorate: Local gov’t exists, but Europeans make ___________________________________ in order to protect their trade

3. Sphere of Influence: Nations gain exclusive __________________________________ in territory, dominate all trade, but allow the ____________________________________ to make other decisions
Analyzing the Motives for Imperialism

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