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Morgan Wittkopp

Mrs. Polasek

English 9

23 April 2014

The Great Depression

In 1929, a major stock crash affected the lives of many people. Ways of doing things were changed as people bended their lives to fit to the different lifestyle that was created. In The Great Depression the nation was poor and unhappy. The issues of this time are shown through the poems The Great Depression by Adam Sears and The Great Depression by Gleb Zavlanov.

In 1933, it was documented that “25 percent of all workers and 37 percent of all nonfarm workers were completely out of work. Some people starved; many others lost their farms and homes” (Smiley). More people had no money coming in and they were increasingly poor. As stated in the article Social and Cultural Effects of the Depression “Suicide rates rose, as did reports of malnutrition”. People were more willing to kill themselves because they couldn’t handle life that horrible. Those people didn’t have jobs so they couldn’t buy food.

In the poem The Great Depression by Adam Sears, it says “people were trading and selling their things”. This meaning that people had to make money and use their resources. There was not extra money to go out and participate in activities. They had to spend the little money that they had on the necessary things in life like food. The poem also was written about how hard it was on the people, for example it says “Souls did suffer in the heat, cold, and rain”. It meant that life in the Great Depression was a constant struggle. Those people were in a depression, and not a lot of happiness could be found throughout the daily life. People were giving up a lot of what they had just so that they could survive.

In the other poem, The Great Depression by Gleb Zavlanov, the author wrote “they had none to live or eat… The market fell, each core was broke land teemed with dearth e’ermore”. In this time period there was a shortage of many things and money and food were two of those things. The stock market crash caused many people to be broke, searching for money. The money and happiness were both decreasing at this time. The poem also states “Shattered was each heart, in need each broken and dimed soul” People in this time were breaking under pressure, the huge pressure of a poor life with no money to support their families and themselves.

In the poems The Great Depression by Adam Sears and The Great Depression by Gleb Zavlanov, the issues of The Great Depression, for example poor and unhappy people, are shown through the text. The major stock failure had a huge impact on life in many different aspects. It was a terrible time but it is also a time to learn from the mistakes that were made to get to the low point of that time. History should always be a time to look back on what happened and to learn so that never happens again. Hopefully the world does not get into that deep of a depression again.

The Great Depression by Adam Sears

Deep sorrow filled the americans heart

Everyone had to do their part

People were trading and selling their things

Raving about what life would bring

Even the little ones felt the pain

Souls did suffer in heat, cold, and rain

Sad to say theat the days filled with grief

In hopes that the Depression sooned would cease

On Sunday was a day of rest, everyone would gather and thank God they

were blessed

Not in ways that we might think, but in everyday living that life did bring

The Great Depression by Gleb Zavlanov

It walked like shadow in the night

Without a word, a sound

And when it struck, a vicious bite

It split the sky and ground

Never there was such great despair

Left all men by its feet

And anywhere and everywhere

They had none to live or eat

They tried to hide but found were they

And anyplace they left

Was teemed with gloom, sad and most grey

Cheerless, lonely, bereft

They bit the dust and gulped defeat

Twas nothing left at all

And shattered was each heart, in need

Each broken and dimmed soul

The market fell, each core was broke

Land teemed with dearth e’ermore

And every heart, they sat in dark

Asked, what was it worth for?

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