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No 07 (88) JULY 2010 FOR BOLSHEVISM-AUCPB website:

According to the bourgeois leaders of the world, who in this sense, agree with the minister of propaganda Goebbels of Hitler's Germany, in April this year they celebrated 70 years of the alleged shooting of Polish soldiers in Katyn. To this fictitious "anniversary" also flew Polish President Kaczynski to Smolensk region.

The mere fact is that the disaster does not know a parallel in history. As is known, together with Kaczynski, most of his suite numbering 95 people were killed. This figure having received all the benefits of socialist Poland, in childhood, even filmed in movies, was a staunch anti-communist, anti-Soviet, and stood on this soil as a vicious enemy of Russia. And naturally, this figure with all his strength supported the false version of Goebbels about the shooting of the Polish by representatives of the NKVD in 1940.
The Prime Minister of the Polish government in exile Wladyslaw Sikorski was the first of those who were not formally Nazis, who picked up in spring 1943 this bald-faced lie of Goebbels. From that point on from the instigation of Goebbels there began the malicious anti-Soviet campaign. And the slander against the USSR in the Katyn massacre of the controlled by Sikorski Polish press began almost simultaneously with the Nazi newspapers. On April 25, 1943 Joseph Stalin through the People's Commissar for Foreign Affairs Molotov informed the international community that the Polish emigre government not only not refuted the defamation, but did not even bother to apply to the Soviet leaders with any questions or clarification on this issue. On this day, a note was published by the Soviet Government on the decision to suspend the official and any other relationships with Sikorsky’s people. In the above-mentioned document, which was signed by Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Molotov, it also stated:
"... The Nazi government perpetrating a monstrous crime against the Polish officers, are playing a farcical investigation, a dramatization of which they have used some Polish pro-fascist elements chosen by themselves in occupied Poland, where everything is under the thumb of Hitler and the honest Pole is unable to open his mouth. For the "investigation" are involved as well as the Polish government and the Hitler Government, the International Red Cross, which is forced in a situation of a terrorist pressure from it with gallows, and the mass extermination of the civilian population to take part in the investigative comedy, directed by Hitler. It is clear that this "investigation" carried out behind the backs of the Soviet Government can not inspire confidence in any honest people.
The fact that the hostile campaign against the Soviet Union launched simultaneously in German and Polish press, and being in the same plan – is a circumstance leaving no doubt that between the enemy of the allies - Hitler and the Polish Government, there has been contact and collusion in the conducting of this hostile campaign.
At a time when the peoples of the Soviet Union, bleeding in heavy combat with Nazi Germany and bending forces to defeat the common enemy of the Russian and Polish people and all freedom-loving democratic countries, the Polish government to the benefit of the Hitler tyranny is dealing a treacherous blow against the Soviet Union"
This document, signed by Molotov ends with the words that reveal the true motives of the lie by the Sikorsky group on the Katyn massacre:
"The Soviet Government is aware that the hostile campaign against the Soviet Union is being untertaken by the Polish Government through the use of the Hitlerist defamatory falsehoods to apply pressure on the Soviet Government in order to extract territorial concessions at the expense of Soviet Ukraine, Soviet Belorussia and Soviet Lithuania" (Foreign Policy of the Soviet Union during World War II. M., 1946, Volume 1, pp. 346-347).
These were the reasons for the break in relations between Sikorsky’s people and the Soviet authorities.
On April 21, Stalin sent a letter to Churchill, where in the same terms he unmasked and denounced the Polish government in exile. It is a curious fact that the British prime minister and U.S. President Roosevelt did not believe this slander against the Soviet Union. Churchill, for example, wrote in a message to Stalin on 30 April 1943:
"Mr. Eden, and I pointed out to the Polish Government that no resumption….. of cooperation with the Soviets is impossible in a time when it is opposed to the Soviet government with accusations that are abusive in character, and thus creates the appearance that it supports the vicious Nazi propaganda. Moreover, none of us can tolerate an investigation by the International Red Cross under the auspices of the Nazis and under the influence of intimidation by the Nazis " ("Conversation by Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR and the U.S. president and prime minister of Great Britain during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945." V.1, M., 1986, s.146-147). Churchill and Roosevelt did not believe this slander against the USSR, but Putin and Medvedev, born in the Soviet Union, believed it...


On April 19, 1943 Pravda published an editorial entitled "Hitler’s Polish collaborators". It refutes the Nazis lie about the shooting of Polish officers in 1940 west of Smolensk in the Katyn forest, and there are very convincing arguments to prove that actually these shots were fired by the Nazis in the autumn of 1941. Here are excerpts from this very obscure, more simply, now forgotten article:

"... Contrary to conventional wisdom, the Polish Ministry did not find anything better in its communiqué other than to latch onto the vile provocation by the Nazis and appeal to the Red Cross to "investigate" something that did not exist. Or rather what was done by the Berlin executioner masters, and then fraudulently attributed to Soviet authorities. The Polish leaders unforgivably succumbed to the bait offered by the hardened Goebbels' agent provocateurs, and thus actually supported the fraudulent tricks and slanderous allegations of the butchers of the Polish people.
... Meanwhile, the Polish ministerial circles should have known that for the Hitler liars, it was not the first time, they had resorted to this method of influencing public opinion and that they are now acting exactly the same way as they tried to act in Lvov in 1941, about the so-called "victims of Bolshevik terror in Lvov. At one time the Soviet Information Bureau published a number of statements made by the inhabitants of Lvov, who escaped from the bloody clutches of the Nazis, witnesses, who had conclusively proven that the Nazis were exterminating the population captured by German fascist troops.
... Summing up the Lvov tragedy, the Sovinformburo wrote in August 1941:
"Now for public opinion around the world, it is entirely clear how these wild allegations about "victims of Bolshevik terror have been fabricated ". Thousands of innocent people were driven to squares and stadiums where they were jeered at by drunken Nazi officers and soldiers. Hundreds of people, mainly employees of public and union workers' organizations, and Stakhanovites were shot without trial. The German stormtroopers mercilessly bayoneted everyone who tried to protest against the inhuman treatment of the Gestapo to civilians. Brutal fascist thugs broke into houses, looted and raped girls and women, then they finished them off with bayonets and rifle butts. Hundreds of victims of fascist terror were gathered from all over the city in one place, then the inhabitants of Lvov, under threat of being shot were forced to see the corpses, made out by the Nazis to be "victims of Bolshevik terror". German cameramen and photographers were shooting those mountains of corpses and fabricating falsehoods about "Bolshevik atrocities.
Nazi propaganda sounded out to the whole world that the Germans during the occupation of Lvov found alleged evidence of "Bolshevik atrocities. Witness statements by residents of Lvov – witnesses to the atrocities committed by the Nazis in the early days of their rule in the occupied city, conclusively prove that the fantastic inventions of Nazi propaganda about the so-called Bolshevik atrocities "were a clumsy attempt to conceal the unspeakable brutality and abuse of Lvov residents which was inflicted by the German thugs themselves (Message of the Soviet Information August 8, 1941).
The same despicable Nazi provocation and inflicted in Smolensk at this time. It has now become quite clear, the Germans captured former Polish POWs held in 1941 in an area west of Smolensk in construction work, and were killed together with many Soviet citizens, residents of the Smolensk region in the hands of Nazi executioners in the summer of 1941, after the departure of Soviet troops from the region Smolensk.
The Germans brutally murdered former Polish prisoners of war and many Soviet people, and now want to remove all traces of their crimes and, in the hope that there are gullible people who believe it, try to cover up their heinous crime with new regular portion of vile lies. Hitler's sadists with remarkable knowledge describe the "details" and “fine points” in the murder of the Polish officers. But the more they report these "details" - including business cards and identity cards, prudently placed by them into the pockets of the clothing of the brutally tortured officers, the more apparent it becomes that Hitler's executioners, having graduated from the latest school in the dungeons of Himmler, are describing their own experience . The whole world knows that it was none other than the Hitlerites, who brutally tortured hundreds of thousands of workers, peasants, intellectuals, particularly the officers in Poland, Czechoslovakia, France, Belgium, Holland and other occupied countries.
... the Nazis invent some mythical Jewish "commissars" allegedly involved in the murder of 10,000 Polish officers. Experienced masters of provocation find it easy to invent a few names of people who never existed. Such "commissars" - Lev Rybak, Abraham Borisovich, Pavlo Brodninsky and Haim Finberg, named by the German Information Bureau, were simply invented by the German fascist crooks, because there were no such "commissars" neither in the "Smolensky department of the GPU or in the NKVD in general. All of this has been fabricated far too crudly and clumsily to be able to take such stories at least as a shadow of reality ... "
This article in Pravda concludes:
"The Polish people will throw away the Nazi defamation of the fraternal Soviet people, who showed the world the wonders of heroism, courage and nobility. And those of the Poles, who are eager to join in Hitler's fake, support it and are ready to cooperate with his tormentors of the Polish people, will go down in history as assistants to cannibal Hitler ... " (The foreign policy of the Soviet Union during World War II. M., 1946, Volume 1, pp. 452-455). These words justly belong to Lech Kaczynski and his other followers in modern Poland.
If a person dies, it does not mean automatically that he was an innocent little angel, freed from all defects and cannot be criticized, or blamed for anything.
The plane crash near Smolensk, which occurred on April 10 this year, proved once again that there is a higher justice, and for all unseemly acts, including the bald-faced lies, defamation, sooner or later it must paid for, at times, with ones life.

In more recent times, on the site of the Katyn massacre in large quantities have been found shells from bullets fired from the German machine MP-38 and MP-40 (erroneously called "Schmeisser"). Assuming the Polish version of the shooting of Poles by soldiers of the NKVD, then where did these German shells at the place of execution come from? In 1940, the Soviet Union and Germany were not at war. Automatic weapons for the death penalty in the Soviet Union in 1940 were not used. On September 25, 1943 as a result of the storming of Smolensk organized by the Red Army, the Germans hastily left this city, so in the Katyn there was almost no fighting. So where did these shells come from? There can be only one explanation. Probably, after the execution of Poles in the autumn of 1941 the Nazis for some reason did not gather up all the shells from their machine guns and some of them were left behind.
The common version of the massacre of Polish officers at Katyn by soldiers of the NKVD is designed for fools. Judge for yourself. If in April 1940, the shots were fired, why were the mutilated corpses with identity cards and even business cards in their pockets (as the Goebbels propagandists had written) not removed from the vicinity of Katyn for more than a year? After execution by firing squad, documents in the clothes of the executed are supposed to be removed. This is a known fact to all intelligence agencies in the world. The NKVD had strict discipline, so one cannot ignore the fact that the identities of the dead Poles were left in the pockets of corpses by accident.
If in 1940 it became necessary to shoot the Polish officers, they would be evacuated from the Smolensk region to go somewhere in Siberia, although such removal and shootings in the history of the Soviet secret police were not practiced.
Another proposition. In the case of a real discovery of bodies of Polish officers by the Nazis, Beria would have undoubtedly been removed from his post as Commissar of Internal Affairs. In fact, Beria remained in office until 1946.


Recently, the authority of Joseph Stalin among people has risen to a frightening height for the Russian authorities. That is why Russian, and perhaps even foreign "experts" fabricated archival documents, "revealing" the alleged massacre of Polish officers by soldiers of the NKVD in 1940. These papers at the end of April this year have been put on the internet and have been shown on all the central Russian TV channels. On one of these frames flashed allegedly Stalin's signature inscribed on the document. And then immediately questions arise from any more or less serious historian.

First, Stalin's signature, shown on television, was made using a green pencil. But the fact of the matter is that Stalin signed important documents in mainly red and blue pencils.
Secondly, the very signature is somehow flattened top and bottom, i.e the height of the letters is clearly not the same as that in the handwriting of Stalin, and the slope of the letters is not quite that of the original.
With the naked eye, one can see, that someone has painstakingly tried to forge the signature of Joseph Vissarionovich, but has not quite succeeded.
The author of these lines has had to look at photocopies of the signatures of Stalin in various books, in the publications of the Soviet years and the modern period.
In many other elements of the artificially aged paper, it is clear that the proposed "archival documents" are intended for naive people who do not know history and do not wish to study it.
The authorities obviously rushed to lay out these "documents" to the public, since the entire "list of mistakes" of the falsifiers is immediately obvious. And this latest fabrication of documents once again confirms the fact that the Polish officers were shot with automatic MP-38-s and MP-40-s by Nazi soldiers in the period from September to December 1941.
In conclusion, we note a very curious fact. The Prime - Minister of the Polish government in exile, the first to pick up the Goebbels false version of the shootings in 1940 near Katyn, Wladyslaw Sikorski, died in 1943. And what was the cause of his death, do you think? He died in an plane crash, just like his younger accomplice in April 2010 did. Is it not time for today's rulers (Putin, Medvedev, Sarkozy, Obama, Brown and others) to think about this also, who are repeating the bald-faced lie by of Joseph Goebbels about the shooting in Katyn? Do they also not await an ignominious and tragic end? After all, a higher justice in the world exists. Remember this, gentlemen.

S. Kuz'min

Three months have passed since the arrival of the new, blue and white government led by Viktor Yanukovych, along with the power of major oligarchic capital.
Yanukovych quickly formed his team. Already in the first half of March, in the parliament was formed the Coalition of “Stability and Reform” of three factions: the Party of Regions, Communist Party of Ukraine and the Lytvyn Bloc, as well as some deputies making up 235 people. And on the same day, March 11, at the suggestion of the coalition, the Verkhovna Rada by 242-votes, supported the appointment of Nikolai Azarov, Ukraine's prime minister. Also in the shortest possible time, the president had appointed new provincial governors, mostly from the Party of Regions.
 Some change has been made in the foreign policy orientation of the Ukrainian government and Ukrainian-Russian relations began to be restored which had previously been driven into the remote corner of Russophobian policy by Victor Yushenko. Dialogue at the highest level is being fostered, and seven meetings have been held between presidents. Several meetings of prime ministers of both countries held talks on reducing natural gas prices ($ 100, 30%), supplied by Russia to Ukraine. At the same time an agreement has been signed on extending the presence of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet for 25 years (until 2042). All this contributes to the restoration of normal relations between Ukraine and Russia.
But along with this, president Yanukovych has sought, as they say, a balanced foreign policy in three areas: Russia - EU-USA. His first visit Viktor Yanukovych made in Brussels, thus showing that the priority of his foreign policy is the West, the EU and the U.S., which he repeatedly stressed in his public speeches.
During his April visit to the United States and attendance at the summit on nuclear security, during a meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama, Viktor Yanukovych made a sweeping gesture, stating his elimination of the existing in Ukraine 90 kg of highly enriched uranium, the price which, according to estimates, is approximately one billion dollars. It could be said that Yanukovich has actually bought off the U.S. and the West's recognition of his victory in the presidential election. In a joint statement after the meeting of the two presidents, it was noted that, in their relations, both countries will rely on the Charter of the strategic partnership between Ukraine and the USA (which, incidentally, is written in the coalition agreement), including military cooperation. I.e., Ukraine and further on in its foreign policy and military activities will be closely monitored by the United States. In mid-May, Yanukovych introduced to Parliament the question of holding this year in Ukraine multinational military exercises. And on May 18, the parliament approved the decision of the President of Ukraine to conduct these exercises in 2010. 394 deputies voted for the adoption of the law, as well as representatives of the coalition and the opposition. Only the CPU faction did not voted. The total number of military exercises scheduled in 2010 on the territory of Ukraine is 9, involving armed forces of other states, including Ukrainian-American exercises: "Sea Breeze - 2010" and "Rapid Trident - 2010".
That is, on the one hand we see the restoration of relations between Ukraine and Russia, the restoration of destroyed financial and economic ties, which is to be welcomed. At the same time, it should be noted that this restoration is carried out on a capitalist basis. And Ukrainian and Russian capital and other capitals in the post-Soviet expanse, can no longer continue to successfully develop separately. In place of the socialist Soviet Union, the brotherhood and friendship among peoples, comes capitalist alliance, in which the place of friendship and brotherhood is taken by so-called pragmatic relations between the bourgeois of the two countries, ie relations aimed at obtaining maximum profits and excess profits due to ruthless exploitation of the working people of Ukraine, Russia and other republics of the former USSR.
At the same time they continue to deepen relations with the United States, NATO and the EU, despite the announced in the coalition agreement, of the non-aligned status of Ukraine. But US-NATO exercises on Ukrainian territory, in what would be an ideological package they are wrapped in, are ultimately directed against Russia and are a threat to her (and against the Ukrainian people, too, in case of mass protest).
Such a multi-vector foreign policy due to the emergence and consolidation in Ukraine of positions of major oligarchic capital, which not only have close financial and economic links with Russian capital, but have also gained access to European markets. And besides, Ukrainian capital, as most economies in the world, depends on the U.S. dollar and, accordingly, under the control of American imperialism.
Do not forget about the opposition, led by Yulia Tymoshenko (and other orange opposition leaders - political forces Yushchenko and Yatsenuk). This pro-American opposition, continuing to serve their overseas masters, will do anything to put a spoke in the wheel of further development and deepening of relations between Ukraine and Russia. The behavior of the "democratic" opposition in the session hall of the parliament during the adoption of the agreement on the Russian Black Sea Fleet, the throwing of eggs at the Speaker and the smoke bombs let off, shows that the opposition will do anything when receiving the command from their masters.
Working people of Ukraine should not expect to have living standards raised under the power of the blue and white factions of the bourgeoisie (and its servile Communist Party of Ukraine faction). This is frankly said by Azarov on the television show "Big politics with E. Kisilev" (23.04), saying that improvement in lives will not comes straight away, but only in about 10 (!) years. This means that in the next 10 years the working people of Ukraine will be further doomed to stagnation, poverty and extinction.
At the same time, Mr. Azarov stays silent about bourgeois life and that during the crisis not only did their lives not deteriorate, but many of them have started to rebuild their wealth that was drastically "emaciated" in 2008. So, the richest man in Ukraine in 2009 as rated by the journal "Focus" is R. Akhmetov, a member of the Party of Regions and its major sponsor, which in the past year his fortune increased by 2 times - up to 7.5 billion dollars. The wealth of the 20 richest Ukrainians is about 30 billion dollars (about 240 billion grv.), which is equal to the total revenue of the state budget of Ukraine for 2009.
By its class orientation and composition, the government of Azarov is a government of multimillionaires. In the ranking of the 200 richest people in Ukraine are the three vice-premier: S. Tigipko - 571.9 million dollars, Klyuev - 383.8 million dollars (for two with his brother Sergei), B. Kolesnikov - 254.2 millions US dollars. Chairman of the SBU V. Khoroshkovsky, owner of TV channel "Inter" - 357.3 million dollars and mayor of Kiev L. Chernovetsky - 675.3 million dollars do not have to wait 10 years. To count on this government of the super-rich will take care of working people – is completely naive.
And the orange, blue and white bourgeoisie profited and will continue to profit at the expense of ruthless exploitation and plunder of the working people, promising us a better life "after 10 years”. And there Azarov will no longer be prime minister. Come next one who will also tell people - wait another 10 years!
In the meantime, the government of Azarov promises by the end of the year to raise the living wage to 875 UAH. And the minimum wage - up to 922 UAH. But even now, we can not live on that money.
At the same time, for an exit from the crisis, Azarov, as well as the Yulia Tymoshenko intend to seek the assistance of the IMF. We are now talking about loans amounting to approximately $ 19 billion over 2.5 years. The government takes the loans. And the working people pay them back - paying back at higher prices and tariffs, cuts in wages, pensions, scholarships, raising the retirement age, etc., ie, through the further deterioration of their lives.
The bourgeois profit and enrich themselves using our patience and silence.
We must struggle for a dignified life, or we will continue to die, and our children and grandchildren will eventually become servants of their own and foreign bourgeoisie.
Supporting the restoration of ties with Russia, we note that the ruling regime in Russia, Medvedev and Putin also represents and expresses the interests of big oligarchic capital.
According to business magazine Forbes, Russia occupies third places in the world in number of billionaires (1 - USA 2 - "socialist" China), and for the past year the number of billionaires in Russia has doubled and is now 62 people. Moscow - the second city in the world (1 st - New York) in the largest number of resident billionaires - 50 people.
"Gazprom", according to Forbes, in 2009, received 24.33 billion dollars of profit, becoming the most profitable company in the world!
The income gap between the super-rich and the vast majority of working people of Russia is steadily and rapidly increasing.
And the Russian authorities most brutally suppress the working people, as evidenced by events in Mezhdurechensk, (Kemerovo Region) in connection with the deaths of dozens of miners in the mine Raspadskaya. According to the experts, Russia, out of dozens of previously existing mining Scientific Research Institutes (NNI), only one remains – the Institute of Coal, "Gazprom" and for research work in Kemerovo region alone has been spent 3 billion rubles and on coal miners - a total of 70 million. Explosions and deaths of miners in Russia and Ukraine – are the result of neglect of safety measures and of "economizing" by the mine owners in their pursuit of profit and greed.
The signed by U.S. President Barack Obama and the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev agreement on reducing strategic offensive arms, gives indisputable advantages to the U.S. which have Russia surrounded by a ring of US (and NATO) military bases with an increase in their number. By the end of May in Poland, 60 km from the border with the Kaliningrad region are located the first battery of Patriot air defense missiles, U.S. missiles capable of hitting medium and long range targets. By 2015, Romania is scheduled to host a U.S. missile defense base, directed against ICBM-s (intercontinental ballistic missiles) in Russia.
In connection with the 65-th anniversary of Victory, in the masses of workers the authority of the Supreme Commander, Generalissimo of Victory JV STALIN has been steadily growing.
And no attempts by Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Putin to slander comrade Stalin will lead to anything good, (as evidenced by the plane crash near Smolensk, in the death of the President of Poland with his wife, aong with the entire supreme command staff of the Armed Forces of Poland and other persons, totalling - 96 people. That is the result of anti-Stalinist hysteria, which is constantly being forced on people by Putin, in following after Judas Gorbachev having picked up on the Goebbels lie about the shooting of Polish officers at Katyn by the NKVD. In his anti-Stalinism, Putin is no inferior to our ex-President Viktor Yushchenko).
And the fact that Stalin is returnings, is evidenced by the establishment of a monument to Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin in Kiev on the initiative of the Regional Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine. The RC CPU has responded to the mood of the people on the growth of the prestige of Stalin in the nation and that is to be welcomed. But, unfortunately, the leadership of the Communist Party and Stalin's name will be used to cover its subservience to big capital.). The monument, has been erected on public donations, primarily through a contribution of $ 50 thousand UAH by Comrade. I.T. Shekhovtsov - a courageous defender of the good name of Stalin. (We remind our readers that I. T. Shekhovtsov, the second person after Nina Andreeva, in the Gorbachev years, began to defend the honor and dignity of Stalin, and participated in 17 trials to protect the honor of the Supreme Commander, and issued a projected four-volume book “Stalin - "the criminal" and his defence").
Our task, the task of the Bolsheviks, and of all communist revolutionaries is to continue the work of Stalin, a faithful ally of V.I. Lenin, the outstanding underground revolutionary in the pre-revolutionary period of Russia, and the head of the world's first socialist state, the dictatorship of the proletariat, under the leadership of which was for the first time in history socialism was built and defended; tp continue and and complete the cause launched by the Bolsheviks-Leninists - to restore socialism, restore our Soviet Motherland, to achieve the triumph of Marxism-Leninism, communism throughout the world and build a classless communist society. That is what we targeted towards by Lenin, and Stalin with all our activities and struggles.
The credibility of proletarian leaders V.I.
Lenin and J.V. Stalin will rise further, as there is no comparison with the lives of workers in the Soviet Union during the years of Soviet rule in the socialist period, a happy life, full of creation, worthy of the material situation and confidence in the future - and the current poverty, and destitution, unemployment and homelessness, drug addiction and alcoholism, and lack of any prospects of life for the vast majority of working people and young people during so-called "independence" and sovereignty, in the current period of capitalist wage slavery.
We encourage workers not to wait for the mercy of our rulers, but rise up to fight for their rights.
A. Mayevski


The death toll in the Mezhdurechensky “Raspadskaya” mine tragedy that occurred the night of May 9, reached 66 people, the fate of 24 remains unknown.
More than a hundred victims were hospitalized.
In the mine, methane exploded. This is not the first explosion at the mine. The uncontrolled desire of the new-found "effective" owners to obtain super-profits (for the year 2008 brought the mine $ 531 million net profit for their owners) and the low wages of miners (average salary - 20 thousand rubles a month.) leads to a breach of health and safety rules. According to the workers, the miners are paid not by the number of hours worked (despite the demands of trade unions to change the system of remuneration), which is leading them to safety violations, in this case – the sealing up of methane sensors in order not to stop the mines from working. "They are sent like cattle to slaughter," - said the wives of the dead miners.
The mine owners are having nothing to do with the grieving miners, their wives and children. 40% stake in the mine is owned by Roman Abramovich, who has entered the golden hundreds of Forbes magazine, and has recently acquired a villa in the Vienna District of Döbling with land 1.2 thous sq m. valued at 9,6 million US dollars, the other 40% - belongs to the top manager and director general CEO of “Raspadskaya” Gennady Kozov, who makes up the hundred richest people in the country with a fortune of 1.5 billion dollars
On May 14, more than 3 thousand miners gathered spontaneously at a rally. People were outraged to the limit. They demanded the truth about the events at the mine, demanded a meeting with the director of the mine Kozov, the governor of Kuzbass, Tuleev, and Prime Minister Putin. However, no one came to the workers and their families.
Then the miners on the night of May 15, went to the nearest railroad, and formed a human shield, and blocked Novokuznetsk-Abakan railway line. Women with children also sat on the rails.

The authorities didn’t stop long to think. From other regions OMON riot police were transferred to the Mezhdurechensk police units. Here is what one of the correspondents of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" says: "Right at this moment the OMON riot police are heading towards us. The assault has begun. Miners are pelting them with stones and bottles. The OMON with metal shields are advancing towards the crowd. Here, there are women and children. The OMON are advancing with rubber batons. What is taking place here now is roughly speaking, a complete mess." The protesting miners, along with women and children were beaten on the railway line with batons. The workers were driven back from the railway. 20 people were arrested, and many of them are already facing criminal charges for "attacking" the OMON riot police.

The authorities are promising to pay 1 million rubles to the families of the dead miners and the same amount is being promised to them by the owner. The miners call it a humiliating "sop", and are not going to calm down. Recently an Open Letter by the population of Kuzbass to Russian President Medvedev was published (which the corrupt media immediately dubbed as a "provocation" like they did when the protestors clashed with riot police on the railway line). The workers put forward a number of demands and pronounced that "in case of failure to carry out our demands, we will have to have to speak and act politically, rather than in the sphere of social demands."
Despite the exhortations of those in power, the class struggle in the country is increasing every single day, and there is a growing struggle of the workers, along with its scope and assertiveness. All-Russian action of air traffic controllers, the numerous strikes, the wave protest by public sector employees, the intensification of trade union struggle, finally, the tragedy at the “Raspadskaya”mine, the rally and the clash with the miners by OMON riot police - these recent events are proof of this. And no matter what frantic attempts the capitalists take protect the class interests of the people in power to stifle this struggle, its extent and severity will increase further, until the abolition of capitalism and the transfer of power into the hands of the workers.
Long live the class struggle of workers against wage slavery!

Gregory Pavel'ev

From the open circulation of the Union of Kuzbass residents to the president, the Russian people and the people KuzbassaV while us make billions of dollars, which then build their own palaces and villas, in which then walks our Prime Minister, we have hundreds are dying in the mines, our people destroying themselves for pennies. Recent developments in Mezhdurechensk were our last argument - more can not be tolerated. We will not be slaves, working cattle, which can not be ignored, as if it is not like some of the ruling people. We are tired of slavery and humiliation. Enough!

We appeal to President Medvedev. Unless of course he is our president, not someone else. Our requirements are:

1. Release all arrested in Mezhdurechensk in the coming days, to cease all harassment. Stop the insults and slander against the inhabitants of the city in the central media.

2. Increase salaries for all viable mines in the region three times, starting from the minimum, but not less than 45.000 rubles. Because of the small salaries of violation of safety, resulting in our people are dying by the hundreds.

3. Stop the persecution of independent trade union activities to protect the interests of workers. Guilty of persecution should be severely punished.

4. Output from the Interior Ministry forces Mezhdurechensk brought from other cities.

5. Put in every city, every month a mass people's meeting with the head of the city administration to give a report to the people that made them useful in the past month, and to respond personally to questions, to receive petitions and appeals from citizens.

Other solutions do not satisfy us.

We are waiting for your answer, Mr. President, Russia. We are waiting for an answer until Friday morning, May 21.

In the event of failure of our requirements, we will have to have to speak and act in policy, rather than social needs.

May 16, 2010

From the Central Committee Communist Party of Bolsheviks VKPBVsesoyuznaya fully supported the just demands of the workers and the mine Raspadskaya and residents of the Kuzbass, their rightful anger and outrage in a country prone to arbitrariness of the authorities and the latter-day thieves-owners and miners calls for stamina, endurance, awareness and organization in the fight for their vital work and social rights.



Activists of the AUCPB (All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks), members Ukraine Buro of the CC AUCPB, Kiev AUCPB organizations and the editorial board of the Bolshevik newspaper “Workers' and Peasants' Truth" (Raboche-Krestyanskaya Pravda) took an active part in events in Kiev – in the May Day demonstration of workers, as well as in commemoration of the 65 th anniversary of the victory of the Soviet people in World War II over the German fascist invaders. Several thousand copies of "Workers 'and Peasants' Truth", were distributed along with newspapers "Hammer and Sickle" (Krasnoyarsk) and "Burevestnik " (Sevastopol), as well as thousands of leaflets on 1 May and the anniversary of Victory Day. Several television stations filmed the Bolshevik position in the events, and secretary of the CC AUCPB A. Mayevsky replied to questions from the TV channel “1 + 1”, but the television coverage of the celebration of May Day said not one word about the AUCPB. Well, nothing surprising in this. Responding to questions from a journalist, Comrade Mayevsky said that the Bolsheviks supported the renewed processes of integration between Ukraine and Russia, but that this integration is taking place on a capitalist basis. He stressed that the arrival to power in Ukraine of the white-blue faction of the bourgeoisie, led by Yanukovych and Azarov will continue to pursue policies in the interests of big capital and increasing oppression and exploitation of workers, and that working people have only one way – to rise up to fight for their rights and to struggle for a dignified life, to struggle for the overthrow of bourgeois power.
 The Ukraine Buro of the CC AUCPB urges workers not to wait for the mercy of our rulers, but to rise up to fight for their rights.

With such slogans, the Bolsheviks appealed to the people of Ukraine on May Day.

On Victory Day, the Bolsheviks held an impromptu rally at the stele of Glory, noting the decisive contribution of the Soviet people in the victory over German fascism, which was won under the leadership of the AUCP (b), (CPSU (b)) headed by J.V. STALIN. In this and subsequent issues of the newspaper are published pictures from the events.


This is what the miners of Mezhdurechensk, Kemerovo region declared
Recall that on the night of May 9 at the mine Raspadskaya, one of the largest in Russia, there were two explosions of methane, k
illing 66 people. More than a hundred were injured, 24 were still under the ground at the time of writing (according to unofficial sources, at least 150 people were killed). The Co-owners of the mine are oligarch Abramovich, top managers G.Kozova and A. Vagin, as well as partners of Abramovich - Alexander Abramov and Alexander Frolov. The owners of the mine do not invest money in the development of the hospital (there was nowhere to put the wounded after the explosion in the mine), in the construction of kindergartens, and do not take any responsibility for the observance of safety measures or for the living conditions of miners and their families.
On May 14, miners and their families came to a rally in protest against the indifference of local officials and mine owners to their problems. However, the rally did not bring success, and so then they blocked the railway line. In response, the authorities called on the OMON riot police from neighboring regions, which began beating with truncheons indiscriminately, including women and children. Stones and bottles were thrown at the riot police. At least 12 people were injured on both sides. 28 people were arrested. Criminal proceedings have begun “against the violators of public order."
In the Appeal of the Union of Kuzbass residents to the president, the Russian people and the people of the Kuznetsk Basin, in particular, said: "Whilst they are making billions of dollars out of us, which they then use to build their own palaces and villas, around which then walks our Prime Minister, hundreds of us are dying in the mines and our people are destroying themselves for pennies. ... We can not tolerate this any longer. We will not be slaves and working cattle, who can not be ignored, no matter what some of the ruling people would like. We are tired of slavery and humiliation. Enough is enough!
We express our deepest sympathy to the injured miners and families of the victims.
We support the demands of the miners and residents of Kuzbass to have released all those arrested in Mezhdurechensk and an end to any harassment by police; for the end of harassment of the independent trade union activities to protect the interests of workers, increase wages in all profitable mines in the region by 3 times, for the withdrawal of internal militia forces from Mezhdurechensk brought in from other cities.
 In their time, villains Yeltsin and K ° used the miners of Kuzbass and Donbass as a battering ram to destroy the great Soviet Union, promising all sorts of benefits.
Now the miners and workers of the former Soviet Union on their own bitter fate will know how we were basely and treacherously fooled by Gorbachev, Yakovlev, Shevardnadze, Yeltsin, Kravchuk, Shushkevich and other traitors like them of lower rank.
The result is evident - the wretched life, the loan and mortgage slavery, the destruction of mining scientific research institutes (SRI-s) and the constant death of hundreds of people in the mines.
Only by a relentless class struggle against the bourgeoisie can we defend own right to a dignified life!
 Only in the course of a socialist revolution, will we be able to destroy the power of capital!
Shame on the Minister of Interior R. Nurgaliyev for hurling OMON riot cops against the working people and against the miners!
Down with the oligarchs-capitalists!
We shall revive our great Soviet Motherland!

Bureau of Central Committee of the AUCPB in Ukraine, Moldova and Transnistria,
The editorial board of the Workers 'and Peasants' Truth "


In connection with recent events in February 2009 at the "Kherson Machine-Building Plant, the former head of the Kherson Regional State Administration B.V. Silenkov and former director of HMZ S.I. "Grisyuk, a business plan was approved to resume production of the enterprise and social protection of its employees. The corresponding memorandum was signed on 20 March 2009. According to the memorandum, production should have been restored in April 2009 and brought to pre-crisis levels by the end of the year.
Mr Silenkov with this, clarified that under the arrangements laid down and reinforced in the memorandum, in April 2009 360 employees will be involved in working at the plant, and by the end of the year their number will be brought to the 1,360 employees. But, despite the signed memorandum, to the owner there was nothing to prevent in June 2009 in laying off 741 employees.
OOO "HMZ" planned last year to manufacture products to the amount of 169.553 mln UAN, including 215 “Slavutich” combine harvesters. But instead of “Slavutich”, 145Belarusian “Polesie”combine harvesters were brought in allegedly assembled at "HMZ".
In one of the newspapers “Grivna", in 2009, former employee of OGA, S. Gorbenko said that 458 workers can produce 458 combines, claiming: one employee - one combine. Why does the current leadership in HMZ with 360 employees found time to assemble since the beginning of 2010 only 2 combines, though, it is estimated by S. Gorbenko, it was to assemble 30 harvesters per month.
On February 9 last year at an extraordinary session of the Regional Council, a draft of the regional program "Grain of Kherson” was reviewed and later adopted. Under this project it was decided to allocate 2 million UAH otwards the purchase of 10 “Slavutich” combines. The money was allocated from the regional budget, but this program was not implemented because Chairman of the Regional Council A.V. Demekhin and the owner of "HMZ" A.A. Oleinik could not agree on the price. Will the program "Grain of Kherson" be accepted in 2010?
Already halfway through March(at the time of writing), and the “Slavutich” combine had not yet been certified. And without the certificate, it can not be sold. On this basis, the owner is not was going produce the combine.
Now a little about the union at the NPO "HMZ".
At the newly created company, a union was set up, where the factory workers were forced to join under threat of dismissal. The work collective of the factory "elected a type", the chairman of the trade union S.P. Rusnak. But in fact he was put forwards by T.N. Pugachev, i.e, the plant manager. After Rusnak was dismissed, in the same way they "elected", i.e. put forward by the plant's management, a new chairman. He became chief of press-forging shop R. Firsov.
Currently the plant is cutting up for scrap all the metal and loading it on railway wagons to sell for scrap. The unique XAFE assembly line has been sawn up and sold for scrap, which still in Soviet times was built for tens of millions of dollars. But with all this going on, the "union" is silent and does not react.
The question is whether or not we need such a union at the plant, which does not protect workers' rights, but rather silently agrees with the position of these pseudo-leaders such as Pugachev and Oleinik.
OUR REPORTER. Kherson, March 2010

PS: 1) In the late 80-s, at the Kherson Combine Plant (now NPO "HMZ") in a year produced 2500 Hersonets-200 corn harvesters, and 4500 "Hersonets-9-s, 6000 PPK-4 consoles for the Niva harvester and 4000 KMD-6 consoles for “Don-1500” combine harvesters for harvesting corn. It also produced sprinklers rigs, installations and pumping stations. The annual volume of marketable products of the enterprise in current prices amounted to more than 5 billion UAN. The factory employed 12,500 people. (According to the article by Anna Butenko "Another hope of the combine harvester builders
", "Accents» № 10 (160) 10.03.2010).
      2) As regards the trade union, that is a rhetorical question. If the union does not protect and defend the interests of the labour collective and allows management to destroy the factory, the workers must either re-elect a "leader" of trade union, or create their own union that will protect and defend their rights.


As one tries to overtake a fleeing buffalo, or sing better than the singing Kobzon, one cannot stop the desire of Ukraine for a happy bright capitalist past. Apologists of nationalism are probably right, because if you look ...


Lord! All the decades of Soviet dictatorship of our great country, and all they did, was engaged in that decaying and rotting….. decay and rot. But throughout all those terrible years, we have not lost hope for the Revival Of The Old Capitalism, so that to power, finally, came the oligarchs who put an end to all that lawlessness, and who repaired the country's progressive working class. And they achieved it. Capitalism was reborn! Now we are healed - human, as in the civilized world ...
And if you think about how terrible we lived before! It had to come to this: free medicine, free education! Holidays at reduced union rates by the Black Sea, in boarding houses and sanatoriums! Free apartments and garden plots! But these things to the sadistic malicious Soviet occupiers were not enough, and so in order to finally kill off our people, they built many libraries and palaces if culture. Shamefully in the eyes of the entire world, all this was done without Western investments or loans. It is even impossible to imagine what it would be have been like if this nightmare had continued!
Thank God, now we, as all normal people, pay for school children education. And you need not learn at all if you want. Freedom! Finally - we now all pay for medical treatment. And those who are unable to do so, too, feel free and independent of all the benefits that at one time we had from totalitarian "scoops" ...
With such disgust we now remember the pitiful state handouts: free apartments, low prices. Only in a fairy tale could we imagine an apartment costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. No one dreamed of such a luxurious lifestyle during the time of rotten socialism.
And today, the fairytale has become reality. Now, buying a loaf of bread and milk, the prices which have climbed a thousand times, we understand this to be true happiness! So all of us begin to feel really nauseated at the thought of bread at 13 kopecks, or buns - 3 kopecks each.
How wonderful is feels to realize that all of that is over! What a delight it is to wake up every morning with the thought that today, right in the morning, again we awaiting for new higher prices, which, certainly, a little, are still higher than yesterdays price, at a time when the hryvnia has fallen ... What a delight to wake up every morning with the idea that we don’t have to run to work, because there is no job to run to. And, reselling at the market of women’s lingerie and fish re-smoked, you feel free from the censure of either that shop floor manager, an independent businessman and owner of the country. And how fortunate it is having once again sold your vote at the polling station for some bourgeoisie, waving a flag at a rally of his rival for 50 UAH!
But there is still a lot of work that lies ahead, because the accursed legacy of socialism is making itself felt. Not all nurseries have been sold to merchants. Not all the palaces of culture have been turned into casinos and brothels. Not all factories and enterprises have stopped working and not all scientific research has fallen apart. And even the armed forces have not been completely destroyed ...
But we are not afraid of difficulties! And no one can stop our advancing movement backwards! We are going along a special path, and on this path there is no one - neither in front nor behind.
We therefore call on all workers and, especially, non-workers of Ukraine, all who desire to shake off the yoke of the accursed Soviet empire: under the yellow-blue flag of Bandera of un-hostaged Ukraine, under the wise leadership of the oligarchy - forward to new heights in prices and taxes!
Long live the unbreakable alliance of slaves and slave owners! Under the leadership of oligarchic parties, led by loyal ministers and MPs, forward, or rather, back to the victory of bright capitalist yesterday!

The bright happy capitalist yesterday is not that long - two decades. And 5 years ago by violent mergers in ecstasy wise generals Bush and Yushchenko, there took place another early miscarriage of a geopolitical abortion, known as the Orange Revolution. For 5 years we thoroughly considered the born on Maidan (Independence square) Orange victory, sadly noting that the baby is not without pathologies. That right hand of the baby fell off, then the left, and the child falls into a deep coma. According to them, on Independence square was born the "Ukrainian nation". That is all that was before - neither a nation or Ukrainian. Although it is sufficient to recall that ever since the Zaporizhzhya Sich Bogdan Khmelnitsky not one single document has been kept, where the Hetman state was called "Ukraine". The people to Bohdan were "Ruska", and the Khmelnytsky was not just a deliverer of Ukraine, but a great leader who did not want them to have someone sitting on the neck. Unfortunately, the established in 1991 Ukraine was the child not of love but hatred, and moreover, doomed. As, indeed, a hybrid baby of Maidan (Independence Square...)

And Comrade Stalin "is to blame for everything ". You ask what has Stalin got to do with this? Well, first of all, Ukraine is obliged to him for the current state borders. And namely Ukrainian nationalists should pray to him. Stalin would not have "pulled" Western Ukraine into the USSR, would not have hung the Galician Uniates around the neck of the Russian-speaking regions, proving their superiority. It's time to admit to ourselves that historical differences between East and West in today's Ukraine – is a phenomenon clearly not the last Five-Year Plan, and it was not invented by the campaign headquarters of presidential candidates in 2004, but existed during the Soviet era, and much earlier. Secondly. If Stalin had at once got rid of Khrushchev, nowadays the Crimeans would not be suffering from "patriotic" moralistic clowns, and the problems of the Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol would have never existed. And, thirdly. If Stalin had liquidated in time Gorbachev, Yeltsin, Kravchuk, Shushkevich and other "de-hostaged" politicians, the great and mighty USSR would not have fallen, but on the contrary, until now, would have multiplied by many states. But since the operation "liquidation" did not take place, we have what we have today: swapping Communist Party cards for embroidery, and Marx's Capital for mafia capital and “specialists” from the remnants of the Soviet era equating Stalinism to Nazism, yelling about the plight of Nenko-Ukraine under the Stalin tyranny. Wild dancing on the bones of the dead from starvation in the remote 30-ies of the last century, glorification of Hitler's henchmen, in general, the primitive nationalism plus "Europeanized" capitalism has transformed the once developed USSR in a mutant. And, actually, the entire former Soviet Union has become a bunch of impoverished degraded states.

On can love Stalin or not love him, but there are no indifferent people to this outstanding political figure.
During his leadership, the Soviet Union became the most powerful country in the world and the first to master the atom. Victory in World War II also took place due to the cohesion of those who fought for their country under the leadership of Stalin.
 It must be confessed: I personally, who for a year have been watching the domestic political terrariums and what they have done with the state, not once, overcoming the desire to spit on the TV screen, see how this whole mess is turned back on Stalin. I wonder how long it would take to restore order? A month or two? I think a few days. A grandiose purge by a grandiose Stalinist hand!
Nevertheless, whether some want this or not, Stalin is returning. Maybe not as fast as we would like, albeit slowly, but surely. The opening in Kiev in Ukraine, of the first monument to Stalin – is a case in point.

Oksana Skoda,

Kiev, Ukraine







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