Moral Judgment Matjaž Potrč

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Moral judgment.

Judgment still persists in the moral domain, in moral philosophy. Give some examples.

As we mentioned Fregean and high church analytic philosophy atomistic heritage, with separatism as its main agenda, we have realized that judgment, as a general category, needs to be reaffirmed. There are some areas though where judgment remains upon the scene, for it seem to be so central for the area under question. Earlier we have provided examples of aesthetic judgment and of moral judgments. As you encounter punks torturing a kitten for their own enjoyment you promptly form moral judgment about the wrongness of this act, thereby valuing the encountered situation. Again, is some good deed is performed that you observe, you judge this to be a case where goodness comes about. The content about the situation and its valuing, namely goodness, is intertwined with your committal and possibly motivation involving conscious experience.

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