Mooresville Mill Village National Register Study List Application Part 10 B. History

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Part IV. 1915-1932

By the mid 1920’s, the village was already completely built out, supplied with water, sewer, and electricity from the mill itself. Mill machines were humming and the mill was had reached a peak in production. At this time, MCM began to transition its product line from ginghams to production of towels, creating the Turkish Moor brand of towels which would sustain it for several decades.

In 1924, the Associated Mutual Insurance Co. (Boston, MA) surveyed the mill and its village. The resulting survey map shows over 400 buildings in the village, most of them belonging to the mill. A 2005 birdseye photo (see attached) of the proposed district shows the village composition largely unchanged from this 1924 survey.

The 1924 Drummond Pictorial Atlas described the mill and mill village in glowing terms:

 The Mooresville Cotton Mills Co. has a total capital stock of $3,300,000.00 and is equipped with 60,000 spindles and 1,820 looms. They operate 30,000 spindles and 1,000 looms day and night, and employ 1,600 operatives. The products manufactured are ginghams, outings, suitings, palm beach goods and the cloth used in the manufacture of automobiles. The Company operates a modern power plant which handles coal with automatic stoker and labor saving devices. They have their own water system and supply 500 operatives' cottages with water and light and maintain a complete sewerage system. They operate a complete piece goods dyeing and bleaching plant and are the city's largest manufacturers. 4

Drummond may have exaggerated slightly the size of the village, but its important place in Mooresville was well noted.

The 1920 Census showed Mooresville’s population at just over 4,000. The densely populated streets of Mooresville Mill Village was home to the majority of Mooresville’s population, whose lives centered around the mill and mill-provided activities..

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