Mooresville Mill Village National Register Study List Application Part 10 B. History

III. Mooresville Cotton Mills, 1900-1914

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III. Mooresville Cotton Mills, 1900-1914

Beginning in 1900, Mooresville begins to undergo intense development and population growth in the area around the mill.

The earliest Sanborn Map survey of Mooresville, conducted in 1902, seems to have been prompted by the construction of Mill 2 and the expensive machinery it had installed. Here's what the 1902 Sanborn map of Mooresville says about the Mill:

Running night & day. Constant watchman when not running. Imhauser clock, 6 stations. Power & heat: steam. Heating Pipes suspended on iron brackets. Fuel: coal & wood. Light: incand. elec. No hose. Iron fire pails distd. throughout. Grinnell Automatic sprinklers throughout mill. Cotton W.Ho. not sprinkled. Sprinkler heads spaced 8” each way. 10000 gal. sprinkler tank in tower. Bottom of tank 20’ above highest line of sprinklers, except those in tower. Reservoir 87000 gals. Water is pumped to reservoir from pond on branch 1200’ NE of mill by Stillwell-Bierce & Smith-Vaile triple plunger pump. Size 3”x 4”. Pump driven by electric motor. Water pumped from reservoir to tank by boiler feed pump. Gravity pressure from tank only on sprinklers.

The map shows a grocer near the mill, and some cottages around the mill along Church Street.

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