Mood or feeling of alliteration in lines 1 and Depressing; intimidating; impatient = evil

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“Beowulf” Analysis –

p. 42 – 1. Give the mood or feeling of alliteration in lines 1 and 2.

Depressing; intimidating; impatient = EVIL

p. 44 – 2. Give the universal theme of lines 23-39.

Good vs. Evil – God > the Devil

p. 44 - 3. Give the tone of lines 44-49 and the words that convey the tone.

Fear and threatening – “wept”/”joyless”/”mourning”

p. 45 – 4. Lines 64-81 – What does this passage describe?

Why he hated the Danes and then started a bloody war against them.

p. 47 – 5. Lines 141-160 – Why does Beowulf come to see Hrothgar?

Beowulf’s duty based on his heroic accomplishments of the past.

p. 47 – 6. Give the impression of Beowulf that his remarks to Hrothgar suggest.

Boastfulness is a major trait of the epic hero and - He is bold and confident and wishes to prove his heroic deeds.

p. 48 – 7. Lines 160-189 – Why does Beowulf insist that “my hands alone shall fight for me?”

Heroic Code – Grendel does not have a weapon, so Beowulf deems he should not fight the monster if it doesn’t have weaponry.

p. 49 – 8. What values/morals are reflected in the Hrothgar speech in lines 190-207?

Friendship – Hrothgar helped Beowulf’s father fight warring tribes; Insinuates loyalty: Courage bc/ of the prowess of Grendel.

The Battle with Grendel

p. 51 – 9. Lines 268-288 – Give character traits of an epic hero that Beowulf displays.

Tough, relentless, strong – ex. The ripping of Grendel’s arm; the courage to go to battle with something that’s much more physically dominating.

p. 52 – 10. Lines 293-300 – Give the sensory details of sound that relate to the battle.

“bodies beating against beautiful walls”/ building was “shaped and fastened with iron” and “benches ratline” (audio)- Madison

p. 53 – 11. Lines 337-358 – What happens to Grendel?

Grendel was injured and his bone had been snapped. He lost the battle but had escaped to his den where he waited for death to come. Jacquelyn

p. 53 – 12. Lines 337-358 – Give images of sight that bring life to the poem.

Line 337-339 “But his power had gone. He twisted in pain, and the bleeding sinews deep in his shoulders snapped, muscle and bone split”

* “miserable hole at the bottom of a marsh” ; grendel’s arm hanging from the rafters. - Lauren

p. 54 – 13. Lines 348-353 – Discuss textual examples that show how important Beowulf is to the Danes.

“bold and strong-minded” “ended the grief, the sorrow, the suffering”- Brooke

Grendel’s Mother

p. 55 – 14. Line 411 – Why does Grendel’s mother kill one of the Danes? What is the significance of that certain victim?

Grendel’s mother kills Hrothgar’s closest friend as revenge for Hrothgar allowing Beowulf to kill her son. -Marissa

p. 56 – 15. Lines 425-446 – Discuss the visual images that detail the home of Grendel’s mother.

Its hidden, in a dangerous place such as windy cliffs, wolf dens, underground, and in the darkest of dark places. -maggie

p. 56 – 16. Lines 425-446 – list some details of setting that create a threatening mood.

Line 442 “As dark as the air….” Line 433 “No darkness reaches such depths a deer…” Line 445 “They live in secret places….” Line 446 “You’ve not seen seek it if you dear! Save Us...” - Sade

The Battle with Grendel’s Mother

p. 57 – 17. Lines 450-458 – Give the details of Grendel’s mother’s lair.

Dark and deep – like a cavern; below a lake bc/ submerges into the water…Holding his breath for hours proves he is superhuman…The depth of the lair is a symbol for the descent into hell.

p. 58 – 18. Lines 464-474 – Give the details of battle that provoke high drama and are characteristic of an epic.

Fiery lake…hero vs a supernatural creature. Light above Beowulf suggests his Godliness…Battle demons and other sea monsters to get into position to battle Grendel’s mother.

p. 59 – 19. Lines 458-512 – Where does the battle take place?

At the bottom of the lake where Grendel’s mother lives

p. 59 – 20. Lines 458-512 – Analyze suspense in these lines.

Grendel’s mother casts a spell on the sword bc/ she is demonic…She pierces his helmet which is a first…She takes Beowulf down and draws her dagger…At that point, his armor saves him. Grabs a sword on the wall and kills her.

p. 59 – 21. How is this a contemporary battle?

One on One battle where a fearless hero vs powerful enemy. Ex. Batman, Ironman, Avengers

p. 60 – 22. Lines 540-583 - Give the shifts in setting in this passage.

Bottom of the lake --- back up to the mud on the edge of the lake --- Finally into land.

p. 61 – 23. Lines 587-594 – Why would the Geats want the Danes to see Grendel’s skull?

Assurance that Grendel is dead and the kingdom is ridded of the most diabolical demon.

Beowulf’s Last Battle

p. 62 – 24. lines 606-612 – List what these lines foreshadow and how.

p. 63 – 25. Lines 616-644 – List images that set the stage for “Beowulf’s climatic battle with the dragon.

p. 63 – 26. Evaluate whether you think this is a battle of equals or is Beowulf the underdog? Explain your response.

p. 64 – 27. Lines 668-671 – List the qualities of the epic hero.

p. 64 – 28. Lines 691-696 – Give the heroic values and their examples.

p. 65 – 29. Lines 708-735 – How does Wiglaf’s speech show that he is different from his comrades.

The Death of Beowulf

p. 66 – 30. lines 736-738 – What has happened to Beowulf?

p. 66 – 31. Same lines – What is the poet’s view of fate base on these lines?

p. 67 – 32. Summarize the details of Beowulf’s speech of his 50-year reign in lines 744-745. Give examples.

p. 68 – 33. Lines 789-794 – Identify the kennings and who they refer to in these lines.

p. 68 – 34. Lines 812-819 – Why is it important for Beowulf to leave a legacy?

p. 69 – 35. Lines 832-862 – What has just happened to Beowulf?

p. 69 – 36. Same lines as in 35 – How are Beowulf’s followers looked upon and how do you know?

p. 70 – 37. Paraphrase what the poet says in these lines about “Mourning Beowulf.”

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