Montana 1948 – Larry Watson

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Montana 1948Larry Watson

Part 1 (3-43) Questions

These questions should be answered on loose leaf. They are due when the reading assignment is completed. They will be collected and graded as a QUIZ.

  1. Describe the setting of Montana in 1948 using SPECIFIC details from the text.

  1. What does 4F mean? Why was David’s father a 4F? How might people view his father as a result?

  1. What disappointed David about his father’s job? Provide specific examples.

  1. What type of gun did the sheriff have and how did he get it? What might this type of gun illustrate about Wes?

  1. Why was Wes, David’s dad, a sheriff instead of an attorney?

  1. Why did Dave’s mom want his father to move away and change jobs?

  1. How does the narrator sum up his grandfather’s personality?

  1. David says, “I felt contentment outside human society that I couldn’t feel within it.” What does he mean?

  1. How does David’s mother feel about illness? Give an example from the story to illustrate her feelings.

  1. How does the narrator characterize Marie Little Soldier? Ronnie Tall Bear? Provide details.

  1. From the beginning, Marie does not want to see a doctor. What do the Haydens think is the reason?

  1. What is Marie’s diagnosis?

  1. What does David do as an act of defiance to his father?

  1. Compare/contrast the brothers, Frank and Wes. How are they similar and how are they different?

Frank Wes

  1. a.

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  4. d.

  1. Why does Gail have to come into the bedroom with Dr. Hayden?

  1. What is the real reason Marie did not want a doctor?

  1. Wes asks Gail, “Why are you telling me this, because I’m Frank’s brother? Because I’m your husband, because I’m Marie’s employer or because I’m the sheriff?” What are the implications of his statement for each role as brother, husband, son and sheriff?

  1. David says, “Charming, affable Uncle Frank was gone for good.” What is implied about Frank?

  1. What does Daisy confirm about Dr. Hayden?

  1. Gail asks Wes, “You never said you didn’t believe it. Why doesn’t Wes want to believe it?

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