Monica Judie, Maybe We’re All Just a Little Bit Crazy

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Monica Judie,

Maybe We’re All Just a Little Bit Crazy
No one deserves to die at the hands of another person. No one deserves to lose their life in a random act of violence. No one deserves to be killed by someone they have never met. This situation was a tragedy. This event was nothing short of an utter travesty. The occurrence at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute sent a wakeup call to a lot of Americans. It reminded us that the world is full of “crazy” people. It reminded us that even the most unexpected things can, and will, happen in the blink of an eye. It reminded us that even the most vicious acts of terrorism can be completely unprovoked. Or maybe they just seem to be. We’ve become so focused on figuring out what’s wrong with “those people” that we have neglected to take a look at ourselves. What do we do to contribute to our plights? How does the way we interact with one another factor into the psychosis of others? When can a killer also be a victim? No one deserves to have their life snatched away, so why do we seem so hell-bent on driving one another to kill?

I had barely entered high school when Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold performed what has since been called the “Columbine Massacre,” but I remember it well. In a nutshell, there were two disturbed young men who felt slighted by the world and decided to punish those that they felt were the causes of their distress. They blamed the people around them for their disappointing lives, and sought to make them pay for it. Because of this, many reporters, journalists, and critics have stated that Cho Seung-Hui has proved himself to be eerily similar to the Columbine murderers. These professionals even argue that Cho saw Klebold and Harris as kindred martyrs, making sure to give the two boys separate “shout-outs” in his own suicide manifesto.

The predominant theory in the Virginia Tech Massacre is that Cho suffered from

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