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Assignment: Short Essay #1

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Assignment: Short Essay #1: How does Trisha Brown’s Accumulation with Talking and Watermotor OR Yvonne Rainer’s Trio A reflect the ideas of the counterculture? How do these performance works reflect proto-feminist ideas; ideas that, by the late 1960s, were beginning to be discussed by nascent egalitarian women’s groups? 500-750 words; double-space;type-written.

Due: September 29
September 29: Proto Feminist Sixties Experiments?

Just what are (if any) are the (unspoken) proto-feminist implications of experimental dance works of the 60s? Synergy of athleticism and fluidity; an all-female troupe dancers/the relative absence of male dancers in early works; the female body as source of movement invention; release techniques that ply the joints and produce a silky flow of movement; sensuality; translucent white gowns in moonlight that reflect and project fleeting images; unbound flow of movement; juxtaposition of female dancing body and images of domesticity); protofeminist (celebrating the power of the female body) or unisexuality?

Class begins with a writing exercise describing/recounting movement in Trisha Brown’s Watermotor.

Tricia Brown, Watermotor, filmed by Babette Mangolte (1978)

Twyla Tharp Scrapbook Stride (1965)

Re-Moves (1965)

After Suite (1969)

History of Up and Down (1969)

Medley (1969)

The 100s (1970)

The Fugue (1970)

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