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11th Grade American History, Great Depression and WWII, Post WWII era, and the Cold War







GLE 11.8.1 Introduction to Great Depression

Understand the effects of Great Depression on American Society S.P.I. 2 Recognize the negative patterns of an economic cycle.

S.P.I Teacher: Explain the effect of poverty for people during this time. Watch Video S.P.I 8.4 Identify changes in cultural life during Great Depression

GLE 11.8.2 Introduction to Economics.

S.P.I. Understand economic change during Great Depression and how WWII affected economy

S.P.I. 8.6 Discuss New Deal initiatives

GLE 11.8.5 Investigate causes, effects, and attempts to deal with Great Depression

S.P.I 8.8 Analyze WWII’s effects on American economy S.P.I 8.9 Recognize the new Deal’s effects on Tennessee, especially on TVA

S.P.I 8.3 Recognize how the Industrial and agricultural crisis negatively impacted different socioeconomic society

S.P.I. 8.11

Draw a cartoon of the New Deal

S.P.I Teacher 8.10 Assess lasting impact of the New Deal

GLE 11.8.3

Introduction to Geography Identify Countries affected by totalitarian states and their acts of aggression and expansion considering geographic location P.C.I. Teacher 8.2. Define aggression, totalitarianism, and appeasement

GLE 11.8.4 Introduction to Governance and Civics

Recognize the effects of the Great Depression to the Judicial and political System

GLE 11.8.6 Individuals Groups and Interactions Understand how America has changed as a result of Great Depression. Read some firsthand accounts

Essays due as well as presentations

Test over Great Depression

GLE 11.8.1 Introduction to WWII Understand effects of WWII on American Society S.P.I 8.3 Recognize the definitions of totalitarianism, fascism, communism, and anti semitism

S.P.I 8.1 Identify causes of WWII such as Treaty of Versailles, fascism, failure of the League of

Nations, and economic worldwide issues.

GLE 11.8.2 Introduction to Economics. Understand how WWII affected the American economy

S.P.I. 8.8. Analyze how WWII affected the American economy such as women in the workforce, movement to urban areas, minority employment, post war G.I. Bill

GLE 8.3 Geography Identify various theatres of WWII S.P.I 8.7 Recognize WWII alliances S.P.I 8.6 Compare and contrast the United States’ military strategy in Asian and European theatres of War

GLE 8.4 Governance and Civics

Recognize the effects of political policies on civil liberties during WWII

S.P.I 8.3 Evaluate the Impact of the Manhattan Project S.P.I 8.8 Recognize the various contributions that Tennessee geographic regions made to the war effort.



11.8.5 Understand the changing dynamics of American Life in WWII

S.P.I 8.7 Explore how WWII impacted everyday life

S.P.I. 8.7 Appraise how WWII impacted America’s perception of human rights and national security issues

GLE 8.6 Understand the changing dynamics of American life during WWII

S.P.I 8.5 Interpret a timeline of major events of WWII

S.P.I. 8.11 Consider how WWII promoted the formation of a new “American Identity”

Essays on WWII due as well as presentations

Test on WWII

GLE 11.9.0 Investigate the impact of the GI Bill of Rights on American Society. Investigate the effects of desegregation, the Civil Rights Movement, and the turbulent 1960’s on American Society GLE 11.9.4 Understand the causes, course, and impact of the Civil Rights Movement.

S.P.I 9.1 Distinguish social inequalities in America post WWII such as racial segregation, generation conflict, and gender equity.

S.P.I 9.7 Determine effects of Supreme Court decisions on Civil Rights such as Plessey vs. Ferguson, Brown vs. Board, and Miranda vs. Arizona

S.P.I. 9.8 Identify struggles of the Civil Rights Movement such as integration of Clinton High School, Montgomery bus boycott, and Martin Luther King’s, and Civil Rights Movement in 1964

S.P.I 9.10 Match the leading figures of the Civil Rights era with their perspective group goals.

GLE 11.9.2 Understand how demobilization and conversion to a peacetime economy in the United States. Understand how sustained growth led to an affluent society.

S.P.I 9.13 Evaluate the socio-economic impact of Post WWII Baby Boomer generation S.P.I 9.14 Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of increased global and trade economy

GLE 11.9.3 Identify countries dominated or threatened by communism after WWII. Identify major areas of the world in which the United States was involved post WWII.

S.P.I 9.1 Recognize the differences among the victorious allied powers after WWII. (i.e. capitalist, communist, military structure, and individual differences)

Presentations and essays due on the Civil Rights Movement.

Test over Civil Rights Movement

GLE 11.9.4 Investigate Supreme Court decisions that affected the United States from 1945 until the 1970’s

GLE 11.9.5 Understand the causes, course, and effects of the Cold War. Investigate and Understand the active theatres of conflict during the Cold War.

S.P.I 9.3 Locate and Label Countries affected by Communism. S.P.I 9.6 Recognize domestic impact of the Cold War on American Society


S.P.I 9.5 Identify areas associated with American containment policies

S.P.I 9.11 Read and Interpret Cold War Documents (Truman’s dropping atomic bombs, Johnson’s Gulf of Tonkin declaration)

S.P.I 9.6 Recognize domestic impact of the Cold War on American Society such as McCarthyism, fear, conformity, and highway system.

GLE 11.9.6 Understand how the Cold War conformity conflicted with individual rights and self expression. Investigate how technological change transformed American society and created popular culture.

S.P.I 9.4 Recognize the impact of technological and cultural changes on American Society such as the space race, Hollywood, and mass media.

S.P.I 9.12 Identify the changes in the music industry brought about by Tennessee’s influence (Grand Ole Opry, Elvis Presley, Memphis Sun and Studio Records)

Essays and Presentations due on Cold War

Test over Cold War

GLE 11.10.1 Recognize how the scientific and technological advances of the computer age influenced American culture. Recognize the transition of minorities, women, and culture groups through history.

S.P.I 10.1 Match Innovators and entrepreneurs of the modern age (Bill Gates, Donald Trump, and Steve Jobs)

GLE 11.10.2 Investigate the trends in the overall economic cycle since the 1970’s. Assess the impact of trade and overseas competition of the economy.

S.P.I 10.5 Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of increased global trade and economy

GLE 11.10.3 Investigate the ongoing population shifts from urban to suburban and migration from rust to sun belt. Identify areas of the world in which commercial and security interests involved the United States from 1968 to present.

G.L.E 11.10.4 Investigate the political turmoil on American attitudes towards governance since 1968. Identify the impact of the constitutional change, various civil rights movements, feminism, and the Reagan revolution.

S.P.I 10.2 recognize the key figures in the Watergate scandal

S.P.I 10.4 Compare and Contrast the Reagan and Bush administration with the Clinton administration and the nature of their respective political opposition

GLE 11.10.5 Understand the causes, course, and the effects of the Vietnam War at home. Investigate foreign and domestic policy trends since 1968.

S.P.I 10. 3 Use a timeline to identify America’s interest and participation in Southeast Asia since WWII

GLE 11.10.6 Understand the dynamics of the modern American family. Understand the implications of the changing American society.

Essays and presentations due on the Vietnam War

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