Moments in History: Immigration Original Format

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Moments in History: Immigration

Original Format: 1080 Interlaced Full Height Anamorphic 16x9 Digital Video, Stereophonic Sound, Duration 60 seconds.


This item is one of six short film clips made by Archives New Zealand to promote their work and to tell New Zealand stories.

This film clip shows how young British migrants were recruited to New Zealand through a planned marketing campaign. The film depicts a promotional display of New Zealand that was exhibited at the New Zealand House in London in 1948. Placards that endorse the New Zealand lifestyle and advertise free passage for young men and women can be seen.
The film clip goes on to explain that the newly settled migrants needed to be taught how to care for New Zealand’s native habitat. Close up footage of a letter and posters from Archives New Zealand show that newcomers were taught about New Zealand’s bird protection laws.
Script Transcript:

It is the 20th of December 1948.

For the past six weeks a display at New Zealand House, in London has promoted “Golden Opportunities” and “Free Passage” for “ambitious men and women” to emigrate to New Zealand.
On the 13th of December the BBC reported that young British women were being attracted by to New Zealand by marvellous weather, good jobs and rationing of only butter and petrol.
It was a land where anyone could hunt game but a land where there were rules that would preserve the native habitat for future generations.
The protection of native birds was considered essential and the government took steps to ensure that newcomers also knew the rules that would protect our wildlife.
New Zealand was promoting its way of life and values in Europe and those impressions of the country would be the foundations for its image for years to come
How do we know this………..Because it is in the Archives

Download 8.03 Kb.

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